Black Stork Nest 2 ~ Tiit & Tiina ~ Daily Summary 2011

Cameras Watching over Black Storks nest
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Re: Black Stork Nest 2 - Daily Summary

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May 30

Beans is very pleased that the webcam is OK now! Video - Video: Four Tiny Baby Black Storks

Chicks are fed frequently. There is abundant food so far, this year.
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May 31

Because of storms in USA Kitty KCMO was absent during hatching and the first days of chicks lives. Now she is back with us.

Bleggi - The little ones first were laying like sleeping, then they started talking like ducks - it is so crazy to hear that - every of them has to tell more than the other one :bounce: Now it was enough and sleeping continues
10:41 - 11:00

Ziva gave us awful news from a Netherlands Black Stork nest -

This is so beautifull to see - and thank you all for the pictures.

I think I must tell this this; there was something terrible last night going on in a stork-nest the Netherlands. There where
three healthy little storks but there was a attack (they think) from a procession caterpillar, it was not nice to see. (edit to add - Oak processionary moth caterpillar) One died, but
the most sad thing is that they would get there rings this weekend. It is so sad too see.
The web-site is on the home-page from looduskalender; birdcams from the Netherlands

Venegor's video -
Evening feeding

End summary May 31
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I have just compared weights of this year storklets with Big, Mid and Little. Uksi and Kaksi are bigger than Ms Big, Kolme is a bit bigger than Ms Little and poor Neli is the smallest one among all the chicks... but at least alive and looks healthy.
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