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Re: Estonian LSE Nest Discussion 2012 ~ Tuuli & Remo

Posted: September 18th, 2012, 10:09 pm
by Felis silvestris
We have some news for you people who were following this nest:

When Stephi was ringed, Joosep had a helmet camera and we had heard there will be something on Estonian TV about the ringing. Some of the people here already know "Osoon", the Estonian TV show that was filming at the Wild boar cam. They have made a small film about Stephi. Please watch it with caution, it is starting with Stephi's sad end, but it has interesting sequences about the ringing and information about the nest and LSE in Estonia.
Juta, who told us about the film, made a short summary of what is explained - thank you very much for it!

This Osoon TV film starts with the story how Stephi died.
Then they went back in time and told how they went to ring Stephi.
Joosep showed equipment and rings.
To go there, they first had to get permission from The Environmental Board because it had to know what was going on near First Category protection areas.
Ringing should not last more than a half a hour. If it takes longer it may cause danger to the eaglet.

As it was formerly a black storks nest then this area was not typical for LSE . They nest in the edge of forest and get food within about 100 metres. But in this area their first food catching places were somewhere 500 metres distant. That is why both female and male parents were so long away.
Other Urmas told that people from forum noticed and told how long parents were away from the nest.

There was mentioned that other eaglemen find that Joosep was the best in climbing and ringing birds.
Then there are about why ringing is needed, about cainism etc.Why parent didn´t come tor protect eaglet against intruder(eagle man on the nest)? Adult LSE is not so aggressive that to go and fight against bigger enemy, he makes wise calculation that better to keep alive itself.
Then there was about situation with LSE in Estonia – not bad.Kotkaklubi is monitoring about 200 nests but actually there are maybe 500-600 nests all together. In the end there was bad example - empty nest on a tree after cutting the trees. Sometimes that happens accidentally (as in that place). Every forest owner has to notify authorities if he find a nest.

Re: Estonian LSE Nest Discussion 2012 ~ Tuuli & Remo

Posted: December 4th, 2012, 3:02 pm
by Felis silvestris
Dear friends, I have good news! Webmaster has helped to create an order form for ordering prints. Right now we can already offer to collect orders, the Stephi collage you could already see and watch being painted. Sockes Mama is working on the osprey family right now, some studies and the finished paintings you can see at her homepage: ... -2012.html
Oilpainting Madis: ... sprey.html
Oilpainting Piret: ... sturm.html

These are now the finished oil paintings - Sockes Mama will surely keep us updated about the rest of the family!

Right now we collect orders so we can place a bigger order with the printer to get a good price, which means the donation to Kotkaklubi is dependent on this price. If you have questions, about prices, postage etc., please ask us!

Orderform link:

Re: Estonian LSE Nest Discussion 2012 ~ Tuuli & Remo

Posted: December 7th, 2012, 7:36 pm
by Felis silvestris
Here's a picture of the collage, a bit bigger than on the order form!


Re: Estonian LSE Nest Discussion 2012 ~ Tuuli & Remo

Posted: March 12th, 2013, 9:45 pm
by Felis silvestris
Forum member snApe1118 has promised to make a video of "our Stephi" and she just sent me the link to post it here - it is wonderful!
Sockes Mama has made contact for Snape to get the really fitting music and the painting by Gert Seitz can be ordered as print (the money goes to Eagle Club in Estonia!) - details here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=530

Thanks to Snape, Sockes Mama, Gert Seitz and Musikprojekt nowayout! for the lovely memory!