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Re: Adding images

Posted: December 24th, 2012, 7:22 am
by alice44
The only way I found to resize (and my second free photobucket account seems to offer no means of going back to something better) images was to use the more or less top menu, select edit and then the whole editing stuff opened, which was not fast on my computer, and then go to resize. There are all kinds of effects that might be fun to play with -- IF you want to take the time, but it is a lot of work just to do a resize. I sent them a nasty comment saying the whole thing was worse than it had been and that the resizing was ridiculously difficult to do.

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 24th, 2012, 11:48 am
by Felis silvestris
alice44 wrote: I sent them a nasty comment saying the whole thing was worse than it had been and that the resizing was ridiculously difficult to do.
Good so! I each time answered their query why I returned to the old one that I did not like the new one in the least and missed some essential stuff which was there previously!
Bad if new accounts are not able to go back to the old one, I was planning to get another account as the present one gets slowly confusing.

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 24th, 2012, 4:51 pm
by Lussi05
Thank you for your good advice everybody :wave:
Starling wrote:Lussi05, I went back to the old Photobucket (from the new beta-version) because I couldnĀ“t find the resizing option. :laugh:
I did like Starling, went back to the old version of photobucket :nod:

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 26th, 2012, 8:35 am
by alice44
I am in big trouble.
I cannot get into my main paid photobucket account. I am a bit worried that I may actually eventually loose all the photos. SO many. I think it is associated with the wrong email account. I guess I could save images from the forum, back to my computer -- then save them to another place and repost them. I cannot bear the idea of all the holes all my photos disappearing would leave.

But in addition to that problem -- the resizing and saving it as a copy, which of course takes extra space, is not an acceptable solution. So what do people think of the other options.

(Maybe I could use just my flicker account?)

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 26th, 2012, 10:18 am
by Felis silvestris
:wave: Alice - before you fall into panic - I think this is a frequent problem they have. I went to the help section and found this:
Login Problems?

posted this on Nov 13 12:22 pm

Hey guys! We're really sorry about this login issue that has been lingering. We thought that the issue was resolved but it is still causing problems for some of you out there. This is a very high priority issue for us and we are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.

What you would have seen if you were experiencing this problem: When you try to login it incorrectly states "Invalid username or password". Some users attempt to update the password resulting in the same error message.

If you are seeing this issue, open a ticket with us by clicking here. Let us know exactly what you are seeing, a screen shot of the error message would be great.

And this:

If you can't access the email account you signed up with, please submit a request, giving us the answers to these security questions:

What is your Photobucket username? (Required: If you are unsure, please list all possibilities)
What email address is currently registered with the account? (Required: If you are unsure, please list all possibilities)
Approximately when was the account registered (year and month)?
What is the first and last name registered with the account?
What is the account owner's date of birth?
What postal or zip code was registered with the account?
What country were you in when you registered?
Is the account a Free or Pro account?
What background color or theme was selected for this account?
Are there any albums in the account? If so, please provide the name of one or two of them.
Provide a detailed description of one or two images or videos from the account.
Help us help you!

Please enter Photobucket Account Recovery as the subject of your request.

Please provide an email address not already in use so we can associate it with your account. We only allow one email address per account. We will not be able to reset your account if you provide an address that already has a Photobucket account associated with it.

We do not guarantee that we can recover the account for you. If you cannot provide the details you provided when you created the account, cannot provide the username or the registered email address, or you used fictitious information to fill out the registration page, our ability to help you regain access to the account will be limited.
If I can look up anything else from there, let me know, I can sign in!

P. S. I was now looking for an email address or something, nope, they hide well, but maybe the link for submitting the request will help

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 26th, 2012, 10:22 am
by alice44
You are amazing.

I think that first quote explains why I got the problem! I used the right name but they said I didn't and then I started the reset problem and then I found out I had the wrong email listed.!

I will wait, and worse case I will make new copies from the forum.

Re: Adding images

Posted: December 26th, 2012, 10:35 am
by Felis silvestris
I hope you can solve your problem without doing all the work! After all you paid for their service!

Re: Adding images

Posted: January 1st, 2013, 2:04 am
by Felis silvestris
Photobucket - after we all complained that we could not change back - now, in the middle of the night, it worked! I'm back to the old version! :thumbs: Try it again and let them know you don't like the new version - for whatever reason, they all apply! :banghead:

Re: Adding images

Posted: January 1st, 2013, 1:36 pm
by airras
I use the image shack and gives me no problems ... :blush: :blush:

Re: Adding images

Posted: January 2nd, 2013, 9:35 am
by alice44
I will have to figure out image shack so I have a back up

When I got my free photobucket to go back to the old version -- it remembered me as the owner of my paid account so it is WORKING no horrible loud music, and I know how it works!

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 12th, 2013, 10:07 pm
by Felis silvestris
Photobucket - the new version (from 2013)

Since this topic follows us since PB has announced a new version - I have looked it up a bit. I can't yet find a way to resize photos upon upload like it was in the old version. The whole uploading seems to be a clumsy affair - at least I don't like those drag and drop affairs. I think I read they will work on that, and I hope some sort of bulk uploader will come again.

In User settings (to be found in the pull-down menu under your user name on top) you can set defaults for various points like Album, Privacy, Apps, Notifications, Account ect.
Among others
- you find a possibility to set sorting to either: "newest first" or "alphabetical by file name"
- some more settings, if you need them, like rotate pictures, easy links ...
- the scramble file name - but I would advise not to use that if you use the e.g. the screen shot's automated file name for sorting (like vlcsnap-xyz-)

Now, how to change the size of a photo? I have found a way to do it in PB, but it has to be done for each photo individually. Maybe somebody else finds a way to do more photos at the same time, I have not.
It can be done either in the view all photos (and with all photos they mean all photos, even if there are a thousand, they will be all on one page, no flipping through pages!) mode
- by clicking on the small wheel symbol which comes when you do a mouseover, or
- you click a photo and get options above.
Click "Edit" and in the following screen choose the crosslike "Resize" symbol and if you write 800 into width it automatically will add 600 to the height!
For the moment it is the only resize option I can find!

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Re: Adding images

Posted: February 13th, 2013, 11:48 am
by unp
Felis silvestris wrote:Photobucket - the new version (from 2013)

Resizing/converting photos online is an attractive offer though can be a bit complicated at times as it seems. However, resizing/converting a 1+ MB .png file to a 100- kB .jpg online means the upload volume grows more than 10 times in a worst case scenario.

There are many offline batch image resizers/converters, some are freeware or free for personal/home use, some don't even require installation, like ImageBatch, etc.

Worth a try? Also :puzzled: could be a contribution to "think globally, act locally" read as "show globally, resize locally"...

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 13th, 2013, 9:21 pm
by Felis silvestris
Yes, there are, only today I looked one up for a colleague (who got the tip from a friend to resize her photos with Paint! :faint: ), but Photobucket was offering the possibility to resize the photos on upload, so the extra step of first resizing the photos and then uploading was not there. Power users like ame would be thankful for getting this feature back - and it would not fill the accounts so fast, since they introduced the limited accounts again.

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 14th, 2013, 10:00 am
by unp
Convenient for the user. But the point is not to use the online resizing option, especially if lots of photos are to be uploaded.

The logic behind it is: uploading is transportation; transportation has economic and environmental costs (plus waiting time when uploading); excessive costs should be avoided. In real life, finished products are preferably transported instead of bulky materials to cut down costs. In terms of figures, 10 or 20 percent less gasoline used is a signifcant factor to consider when buying a car.

Some examples to compare (initial format; dimensions = file size --> dimensions; jpg compression quality = file size; (size reduced by)):

viewtopic.php?p=202951#p202951 jpg; 1067 x 600 = 229,845 byte --> 800 x 450; jpg90 = 112 kB; (~50% saved); jpg80 = 75.2 kB; (~65% saved)
viewtopic.php?p=202914#p202914 png; 800 x 451 = 1,647,670 byte --> 800 x 451; jpg90 = 112 kB (~90% saved); jpg80 = 74.5 kB (~95% saved)
viewtopic.php?p=202908#p202908 png; 1024 x 576 = 1,077,749 byte --> 800 x 450; jpg90 = 129 kB (~85% saved ); jpg80 = 86.6 kB (~90% saved)

The last example is a puzzle. The file extension is .jpg but the real format is png:

viewtopic.php?p=202878#p202878 jpg (png); 800 x 450 = 524,450 byte --> 800 x 450; jpg90 = 112 kB (~80% saved); jpg80 = 74.5 kB (~85% saved)

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 14th, 2013, 1:46 pm
by ame
unp wrote:... The last example is a puzzle. The file extension is .jpg but the real format is png:

viewtopic.php?p=202878#p202878 jpg (png); 800 x 450 = 524,450 byte --> 800 x 450; jpg90 = 112 kB (~80% saved); jpg80 = 74.5 kB (~85% saved)
how can the extension be png?? :puzzled: :puzzled:
this is quite a mystery to me, too!
i've taken those pictures in jpg-format with VLC and their size is slightly over 50 kB on the average in my PC. then i've uploaded them to Mejuba and i see them there in jpg-format and their size is 0.05 Mb = 50 kB there, so the size is the same as originally. i don't a the faintest idea where this transformation has taken place... :puzzled:

i'm too lazy to resize my pictures except in some special cases, but i'm all for saving space and other resources, too! i don't know what is the practical benefit of png-format (been too lazy to find out). i just don't want to use it because it makes so much bigger files. and those picture get uploaded much more slowly in the forum pages tha jpg's...

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 25th, 2013, 9:40 pm
by Felis silvestris
I just found this on that ominous Photobucket "we listen to you" page:
The current plan is this:

We create an option to set the size you want your linked out photos to be. You set this in your User Settings, and all linked out photos will link out at that size. Your uploaded photos will remain their original size, but the web-size can be whatever setting you choose.
Better than resizing each photo separately, even if it is not what we are used to!

Otherwise they have closed the thread "having reached max amount of comments allowed for this thread"
The one thing we will not be doing going forward is going back to the old site. That is one request I've seen a few times, and it isn't something that we will be doing.
If you need an answer to a question, write in a ticket. I cannot stress that enough.

Re: Adding images

Posted: February 28th, 2013, 8:51 am
by alice44
I accidentally fell into the new photobucket - we (me and the photobucket admins) are not happy. I have sent them many complaints and questions.

The problem starts with the font, it is so light and small I can virtually not read anything (I know I need to attempt to schedule eye surgery).

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 25th, 2013, 1:00 pm
by ame
ABOUT EDITING PICTURES, for example resizing

the Paint program in Windows is an easy and quick tool for some basic editing of pictures. i made pictures which show where to find some of the useful tools in Paint to start with. i hope this will make it easy and fast to learn how to use some of the tools that there are (faster than i learned: it took me a long time before i discovered them one by one. and this here below is practically all i've learnt :mrgreen: ).

open the picture with Paint and then it's a good idea to always first save the work with a new name, and after some editing steps with a new name again. this way, if something should go wrong in the editing you can return to the original or previous version. click on the blue box on top-left to find Save and other things. there are an Undo- and a Redo-buttons on the bottom line above the editing area, too, but they cancel only the last operation, at least in the older versions of Paint.

marked in the picture:
red arrow: click A to insert a textbox on the picture. making the box Opaque makes the surface behind the text white (or any chosen colour)
black rectangle: select different shapes for drawing (circles, arrows etc).
green arrow: more shapes.
blue oval: thickness and other things of the outline of shapes
between blue oval and black box: filling of the shape with colour, which can be selected on the right.
orange diamond: Select-tool for cropping a picture. cropping leaves the selected part. to cut a piece away from picture use ctrl-X. then the cutting can be pasted to a new picture with ctrl-V.
different colours can be selected for a drawn object from the palette on the right. -on the lowest line the original size of the picture is shown: 900 x 600 px.
orange arrow: the Resize button.

in the next picture i have selected the eaglets from my screen capture. the selection is shown with a dashed line.

under the picture on the bottom line in the centre you can see the size of the picture (here 1065 x 711 px), the size of the file 307.2 KB and on the left the size of the selected picture (here 388 x 291 px). adjusting the size of selection to a fixed size by dragging the mouse is usually rather difficult. the much easier way is to use the Resize-function.

the size of the picture can be altered by clicking Resize (marked in the first picture above with orange arrow on the right side of Select), after which the window shown in the picture below will open.

it's useful to lock the Aspect ratio first (marked with red rectangle): then the shape of the picture will not change (it will not be stretched or shrunk in one direction more than the other). shrinking a picture can't be reversed without picture quality getting worse (remember saving with a new name). too much enlargement is not good either (picture will get 'grainy').

then you can select resizing by a fixed percentage or fixed pixel size (green oval). selecting either width (horizontal) or height (vertical) is enough: the other dimension will then resize automatically correctly if you have ticked the Maintain aspect ratio- box. -skewing the picture i have never used. after you are finished click OK (or Cancel if you come to other thoughts). if the picture then looks ok save your work, or otherwise click the undo-button.

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 28th, 2013, 8:22 pm
by midsomer
Jo UK wrote:Adding images from another URL

If you donĀ“t know what URL is, then you can read about it from HERE but basically it means another website or FTP server.
You can add the picture(s) by using the "Img" tags which are located above you text window(look at the image below, highlited in yellow) after clicking on the "Img" button you will recieve a set of image tags like this:


Re: Adding images

Posted: May 6th, 2013, 3:11 pm
by ame

you'll find Picasion here:

registration is not needed, neither a host for the animations. in the first page click "Upload pictures". the next window opens and it will look like the picture below. in this picture are shown the things you can and need to do.
add pictures in the 'image slots' 1, 2, 3, ... from your PC-files (it's practical to put the pictures in the same folder because Picasion will remember the folder that was used). you can add more than 3 pictures if you click "Add one more..." (black arrow). maximum number is 10 pictures.
then you can select size of the gif by clicking the row under "Size". 450 is largest and that is not very big so i usually use it.

then you can select how fast pictures change by clicking the row under "Speed" in the picture below. i prefer "slow" especially for pictures which differ somewhat from each other, because then the gif will not flicker much and it's nicer to watch. the more different the pictures are from each other the slower the gif should be. if in doubt about the speed it is always better to select slower.


finally click "Create animation" (or enter) and soon the gif will be ready and you'll see preview. if it is not ok, then you'll have to start over from beginning. if the gif is ok click on the second line to get the direct link to the gif and it will turn blue. click ctrl-C to copy the code and then just paste the code with ctrl-V in your post inside img-branckets like this (i've removed the outermost brackets):
img] ... e38277.gif[/img

and here's the gif in action. the size in this example is 450 and speed is 'slow'.

keyword SearchPicasion