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Re: Adding images

Posted: April 10th, 2015, 7:11 pm
by krobbe
Okey. Sorry to hear. Then i have to ask my photo-host for more space. 8-)

You haven't discussed any possibility of members donating a free sum of money every year? And also free for one and each to do so?

We have dispoased it that way and it's working out well.

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 10th, 2015, 7:16 pm
by Felis silvestris
Donations are welcome, for Looduskalender itself (the link is found on the main page), but as well for Kotkaklubi, which is maintaining the cameras, answer our questions and humour our wishes and woes and generally do a great job there in Estonia.
The server space is given by EEnet. -
As far as I know it has got to do with educational and research purposes. I'm not sure it it is possible to donate for this particular purpose. The idea behind Looduskalender is basically to educate people about nature, in Estonia, but also elsewhere. Those cameras and the forum connected to it are quite unique.

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 10th, 2015, 7:24 pm
by krobbe
Okey, i understand and sorry i posted an offtopic item in this thread. :blush:

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 10th, 2015, 7:30 pm
by Felis silvestris
No problem, it has got to do with posting pictures, even if the answer to it lead off the topic a little.

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 10th, 2015, 9:42 pm
by ame
i wish to add to Bea's comments only that long, long, long time ago the server crashed in the end due to the load of all pictures which were posted as attachments. as a result all pictures were lost. that was awful!

in those times the forum was only a very modest forum with only a fairly small amount of pictures. nowadays the numbers must be hundreds or even thousand times more. of course the servers are more powerful, too, but nevertheless attachments aren't still possible.

later on the tech-people have recovered the attached pictures. our thanks to them! :bow:

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 11th, 2015, 2:21 am
by krobbe
Felis silvestris wrote:No problem, it has got to do with posting pictures, even if the answer to it lead off the topic a little.
I know about it. I'm also moderator on the forum i told about erlier. And most of my work there is about trying to keep the important threads free from to much gags and flannels. Specially mechanical, equipment, and similar threds. At time to time some of the members are "flying" away and forget what the current topic is.

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 10th, 2015, 11:18 am
by ame
i'll copy this post of mine here in case it is not here already.
ame wrote:How to take snapshots and record videos
and about what else can be done then

about taking pictures i found first some instructions in Russian:
and some instructions in Dutch:

how to take pictures with Windows Media Player (i don't know if this is useful anymore... is it possible to watch the cameras with Mediaplayer? :puzzled: )

using RealPlayer and something about Fraps and more about Realplayer can be found when you read further from here:

and the VLC-instructions (also in Finnish, Swedish and sort of Russian which i hope is better than nothing). this is the program that i use because it is simple enough for me and i can take both snapshots and videos with it.
with VLC you open the rtsp-address of the camera. these you'll find in the first post of the nest thread.
and some more tricks with the VLC here:

NHC Debut Professional (this was much trickier to use than VLC but it was necessary when we couldn't use VLC with JWPlayer):

and when you have pictures you'll want to make animated gifs :D

editing pictures:

about posting videos there are instructions here:
and right below it there are instructions about how to get a Youtube account.
uploading videos to the Youtube:

about editing videos:
and here:

Re: Adding images

Posted: July 10th, 2015, 7:43 am
by ame
a photohost in Germany:

Re: Adding images

Posted: March 24th, 2016, 4:43 pm
by Liz01
ame wrote:a photohost in Germany:
a another photohost :thumbs:




Re: Adding images

Posted: April 18th, 2016, 2:38 pm
by ame
yet another tool to take screenshots:
April 18th, 2016, 9:59 am Olga wrote:testing new screenshot tool:
10:59 Anna
It works! :loveshower:

Yes, definitely :nod:
You can crop what you want (pixel amount), write on the picture, edit it a little, save it on your folder, upload it on picture server, or just copy the address of the chosen shot and click Img around the address, and then paste the picture straight where you want.
thank you Olga! :2thumbsup:

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 28th, 2016, 9:51 pm
by Maxie4Paws
i have window 8 and i am just lost how i can post pic. I hope that someone can help as i just love this nest and family.

Re: Adding images

Posted: April 28th, 2016, 10:03 pm
by Felis silvestris
It's the same as always, your operating system has no influence on adding images here.
You need to make an account with one of the photo hosts, like or flickr or any other out there, addresses can be found in this topic as well.
Once you have the account you just upload your pictures from your PC there, and you will get a link for adding the image here, which is just posted in the topic.
Photobucket is the easiest because they supply links (called IMG) which can be inserted here without adding anything else

The link will look like: [ img][/img]

and added will look like this:


Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 8:51 am
by ame
Photobucket has changed their subscription conditions quite unexpectedly and very drastically.

they have introduced severe bandwidth limitations, so that '3rd party viewing' is not possible anymore, except with their most expensive 'membership plan'. '3rd party viewing' means posting pictures on forums like ours so that the pictures are visible on the forum.

the most expensive membership plan costs now 400 $ for one year!! earlier Mutikluti and i have had the 'membership plan' which cost 22.33 $ for a year. the increase in price is almost 18-fold! :shock: the previous plan included a much smaller (but large enough) storage for pictures than the new P500 but it included unlimited bandwidth for 3rd party viewing. this meant that our pictures were always available for posting on the forum and then visible for everyone.

now there's a notice in place of all our pictures. :unsure:

Mutikluti has changed over to a new photohost and i think i must do that, too. is a free and easy-to-use photohost in Germany. for example Liz uses it. i once checked it and it's quite ok even if one understands only little German. i think i'll move there. i'm afraid that i shall not have energy to replace the thousands of pictures which are stored in the bucket and are now invisible in LK forum.

the Photobucket Terms of use:
in the Terms there's this sentence:
These Terms and the Privacy Policy can change.Again, please carefully read this document and our other policies. We may announce if any "big" changes are made, but so long as you've used the Site after the change, regardless of any separate notice, you agree to the current posted version of the Terms.

Read more:
this reminds me of the rules of the Animal Farm in the novel by George Orwell. they were written on the wall of the barn in the farm and the ruling class, the pigs, started to rewrite them in the nights so that they became more and more favourable to them. the Bucket can also change their rules and pricing any time overnight and there's no chance to complain. furthermore it implies that they can raise their prices any day and the old contracts do not bind them in anyway. Mutikluti's account was paid for in last May, only about a month ago, and now it's wasted. the price may double each month if they like to do it. this is very bad customer policy.

the Photobucket pricing list:

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 12:02 pm
by Biker
i use It is available in english too. It is free and you can choose to use it with or without signing or registration.

"Choose one or more files from any directory on your computer (if you hold down the Ctrl key, then you can select a group of images) and click "Upload!" to start the transfer. Wait a moment till the upload is done. Now you can share the links with your friends or add it on your website, blog or anywhere else.

jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, txt, nfo up to 50.00 MB per file allowed
zip, rar up to 1.00 GB per package allowed
maximum of 1.00 GB per upload allowed
Sign up now to use all the features

Upload your pictures for free, organize it in folders and show it to your friends. We offer you unlimited storage for your most treasured photos.

Here you can fast and easy upload your images and photos. The image upload will take place after a few seconds and you can directly show your friends your images or include them on boards or blogs. The use is free and it's possible without any registration.

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 1:10 pm
by ame
Biker, do they have a bandwidth limit?
that is the key issue with the Bucket. storage space is available but they have blocked us heavy-users, Mutikluti and i, because we post too many pictures which people are browsing.
"look who's popular!" :slap: :mrgreen:
and i haven't even posted many pictures recently. :faint:

Liz uses and she has had no problems, although she is a heavy-user, too. - at the moment i'm too baffled and beaten to start learning to use any new site. besides i have no urgent need for posting pictures right at the moment. when i have the strength i'll check both of them.

thank you Biker! :wave:

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 1:59 pm
by Liz01
Ame :hi: here is also an easy upload

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 2:37 pm
by ame
directupload has this question&answer in their FAQ:
Q: Will my files be removed?

A: Free/non accounts files are kept for 30 days. Premium accounts files are kept for unlimited days.
so this is only for temporary storage for free accounts, only a month. that's quite insufficient. :slap:
i can't find any information about bandwidth limits.

Liz, is it possible to create album structure in, like a file structure in the pc? or are the pictures just uploaded in a daily stack there?
i would like to be organized... :unsure:

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 3:17 pm
by Biker
ame wrote:Biker, do they have a bandwidth limit?
that is the key issue with the Bucket. storage space is available but they have blocked us heavy-users, Mutikluti and i, because we post too many pictures which people are browsing.
what does "bandwidth limit" mean? There is unlimited storage with the upload volumen meant above.
And creating album structure and similar for organisation are possible when you create an account.
(free: there is only a little bit of advertising).
They manage large volume of file traffic. (not limited for the individual user.)
-- unlimited storage in a free account -- unless you decide to remove your images yourself.

I make a lot of advertising, unsure whether it is allowed here in this form :unsure:

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 3:31 pm
by ame
Biker, this is not 'advertizing' the not-allowed way, this is helping.
for the explanation of the bandwidth i copied the information on the Bucket page: ... s-Popular-
Bandwidth Exceeded (Look Who's Popular)

Bandwidth consumption is counted by the amount of data that is transferred from your account to other sites across the web. The size of the image or video will increase the amount of bandwidth you are using when linking them out to other sites.

Views of your photos directly on the Photobucket site does not use any bandwidth. Bandwidth is only used when the image is posted outside of Photobucket.
Examples of bandwidth usage:

-Let's say you have 100 photos that are 1MB in size each, and you are linking every single one of them out to your blog/website. 100 images at 1MB in size means that you are linking out just under 100MBs in data size for all those images. Those photos would need to be viewed 100 times a piece to reach 10GB bandwidth.

-If you only linked out 10 photos that are 1MB in size, those 10 photo would need to be viewed over 10,000 times before you would reach 10GB bandwidth.

-If you had 10 videos on your blog/website that were 100MBs in size, that would equal out to just under 1GB in file size. If those videos were viewed 100 times total, you would reach 10GB bandwidth.
i don't know if bandwidth is the equal to 'volume of file traffic'...? :puzzled:

edit: i found this sentence in the Terms of
the user isn't entitled to permanent available uploaded data. reserves the right to delete a data, especially if an uploaded data hasn't been recalled for a longer time.
so they don't promise permanent storage. they also don't give any clue of how long the "longer time" may be. 5 years? a year? three months? a month?

in the FAQ pages of there are some answers:
Why should I use

Whenever you want to send an image to many recievers, but you doesn't should upload it again and again, can help. If you want to access your images from a variety of computers and don't want to carry around a USB stick, is a perfect way of doing so. If your bandwidth demands exceed what your regular web hoster is capable of delivering, you can swap out your images using's powerful global server network.

How long does store my images?

If you are a registered user, your images will be stored forever until you delete them on the user panel or the delete link.

Anonymous uploaded images (that is not owned by any user) will be saved until they are deleted on the delete link or at least one year after the last view.
edit 2nd time: i can't find any information about bandwidth limitations in their pages. :dunno:

Re: Adding images

Posted: June 27th, 2017, 4:25 pm
by Biker
ame wrote:so they don't promise permanent storage.
indeed the permanent storage only applies to registered users with an account.
ame wrote:............
edit 2nd time: i can't find any information about bandwidth limitations in their pages. :dunno:
I also do not = there is none.
in case the terms and conditions are not changed. this risk seems to have every photo host, obviously even those who cost something