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Re: Recording videos from web cams - Please post your favourite

Post by Liz01 » July 15th, 2020, 4:54 pm

youtube gets on my nerves a lot. But there is no alternative. I found a way to tell my subscribers that my channel is not monetized. Now there is silence again. I heard it happens on other channels too. It's all unusual for me. I don't have this channel to get famous as much as possible. The larger the channel, the more problems there can be.
The problems not only can they occur, they occur! What was usually seen in the chats is now on my channel. Sex carp, political carp, sick creatures who write disgusting stuff. Every day I have to check 50-60 filtered messages.It does an incredible amount of work. So I understand everyone who no longer allows comments.

And ame, these constant changes at youtube, only make youtube joy, not me! :bash:

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