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About Looduskalender

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As I am one of the founders of ilm.ee, Looduskalender started as a section on an overview of wildlife in the ilm.ee environment. There were only texts in the beginning. Photos and illustrations were added as developments allowed. Readers accepted this very simple Looduskalender section very well and it started to publish with its own name and website http://www.looduskalender.ee from 2004.

We did some experiments with live webcams in Ilm.ee from 1998 and it was logical to bring technology to Looduskalender as well. The first test was winter bird feeding camera from 2005
It was co-operation with nature photographer Arne Ader and the first camera started behind his workplace window to show bird feeding. Arne Ader (Loodusemees) illustrated Looduskalender with his nature photos already.
With Urmas Sellis from Estonian Orinithology Society and Kotkaklubi NPO we transferred this very primitive camera solution to black stork Donna´s nest
We had many volunteer supporters and helpers, who have continued to work with our camera projects all these years: Urmas Lett from EENet, Estonian mobile phone carrier companies. etc.
Our first camera broke just when the storklets were alone in the nest in summer time. Omar Neiland, representative of Mobotix cameras in Estonia organized a completely new and latest model of Mobotix to the nest and everything worked fine from this time on. The only drawback was that Urmas Sellis had to visit the location to replace the power battery after every ten days. Everything was so exciting and transmissions from the forest were first of this kind in the world.

These kinds of undertakings can´t avoid setbacks and we have seen them even in recent years. Urmas Sellis selected Estonian oldest female white-tailed eagle, but she didn´t nest, but black storks nested instead. We installed the new winter bird feeding camera and the first forest camera at the wild boars feeding place in that year.

We have the Looduskalender forum from 2008 and we are proud of it – it is a great place to communicate between fans and researchers, to document everything that happens on the cameras and to save it for the future. Thanks to forum people we have great translations of articles in different languages. And thanks to translators and forum people we have 65 per cent of visitors from outside Estonia.

We have experimented with different camera projects in recent years. And, of course, we are still developing techniques and solutions with a limited budget.

Looduskalender.ee web developer is Kaido Einama from Reisijutud.com. Photos provided by many different well known Estonian nature photographers. Content supplied by the authors who are mentioned in the beginning of articles.

NPO Loodushariduse Ühendus Fenolo is the owner and developer of Looduskalender environment. The only member and founder of NPO is Gennadi Skromnov.

Gennadi Skromnov


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