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News From Kotkaklubi

Posted: September 7th, 2012, 10:59 pm
by Jo UK
Kotkaklubi, Estonia's EAgle Club is requesting help from Italian bird-friends, particularly in Calabria.

On the Migration Map news we learned of the death of osprey Ilze, one of the ESTLAT ospreys. Her movements were recorded until October 26, when she had arrived in Falcone. Then, no further movement was recorded

Osprey Ilze is tagged within ESTLAT Eagles project in Latvia. She moved southwards up to Sicily (after stopping over in Hungary) and then suddenly turned back to Italy. 26th October, she arrived to the place called Falcone in sparsely populated region of Calabria. From 29th October she is probably dead, because since that date the temperature sensor indicates the outside temperature. We look for helpers, who would be willing to go and check the place of possible perish. We were able with help of Elisabetta Bianconi to contact to the Rende branch of Italian League for Bird Protection (LIPU) and Roberto Santopaolo. He went with Antonio Mancuso to the site and found the Ospreys feathers. Unfortunately, the landscape of the place was very rough canyon, in addition to dense prickly shrubs and trees (look at pictures in the gallery of Ilze). It was not possible to look much around, so transmitter and the remnants of eagle remained undiscovered. Most likely it was a mammal, who consumed the body. However, the sender continues to send in the same area (not more as 20 m from the feathers found), and perhaps there are still someone who are willing to go there to search... However, the transmitter battery is discharging, ie it does not seem to be exposed to the light. Also it should be not in some lair, but on ground.

We are asking if forum members can help to find someone in that region who is willing to trek to this inhospitable, prickly place to look for the transmitter. Do you know any member, individual or a group who may be able to help?
Recovery of the transmitter is quite important due to the cost of replacing it.

Urmas will be able to give location details to the person who volunteers for this mission.

Re: News From Kotkaklubi

Posted: August 1st, 2013, 6:12 pm
by Jo UK
E-mail from Urmas.

Today we released a immature male Golden Eagle, what Dr Madis Leivits treated. We installed also transmitter on the bird, so can follow him. Probably will not show that on migration map exactly now, because it is still near hatching place (nest). Put the transmitter, what is donated by forum members (was used on the shot-down White-tailed Eagle in last autumn). That was swapped by producer to new one.

I will link this to the veterinary care topic, as it seems to belong there, too.