Discussion about ringing + fitting birds with transmitters

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Re: Discussion about ringing + fitting birds with transmitte

Post by Liz01 »

Interesting video: Urmas mounted an transmitter at an sea eagle
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Post by UteL. »

I've seen it :wave:
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Post by remete1946 »

Dr. Enikő Tamás:
"My name is Enikő Anna Tamás, I am 44 years old, I live in Baja.
I have a diploma in Civil Engineering (specialization in Water Engineering, Environmental Protection and Geoinformatics) and a Programmer in Mathematics. I received my PhD in Nature Conservation Biology.
My foreign language skills: English (advanced), French and Russian (advanced).
In my full time position I am the director of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management at the Eötvös József College in Baja.
In addition to my teaching work, I also professionally deal with the protection and reconstruction of wetlands and the monitoring of wetlands from a nature conservation point of view. Most of my conservation and scientific research so far is related to wetland habitats, the Danube and its floodplains, the birdlife of the floodplains, the black stork, the birds of prey and the songbirds
In my opinion, the most important conservation tasks of our time are not only within the borders of the country, but also in the international cooperation of species and habitats, in the implementation of borderless nature conservation, but also to strive for the development of nature conservation work in international cooperation and to place greater emphasis on it in the future. In addition to scholarly and professional work, I consider it a major challenge to I also attach great importance to MME's educational and awareness-raising activities in the field of youth education, primarily for community-building conservation and ringing camps.
Baja, 2016. 04.28."

MME = Hungarian Ornithological Association
Source: http://www.mme.hu/sites/default/files/b ... a_2016.pdf

I know this is not the page, but now this is the most visited page, SORRY !!!

Now is the time for mourning and foresight. Perhaps with great effort, the extinction of the Earth can now be stopped.

This can be deleted from here, but what we don't see is still there!
"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
(Mark Twain)
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Post by ReneeDegutis »

Hello researchers,

I'm working on another project for Individual-Based Tracking Systems in Ornithology. Perhaps some of you have any materials to share, I would appreciate those. My research is based on https://bioone.org/journals/ardeola/volume-63/Individual-Based-Tracking-Systems-in-Ornithology--Welcome-to-the-new-era-of-big-data/2016.rp5.full.site

Thank you,
Renee Degutis
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Post by ame »

hello Renee and welcome!
most of us in the forum are not real researchers, but there are a few among us. the first who comes to my mind is Urmas Sellis who has equipped many birds with satellite trackers. among these species are at least black storks, white-tailed sea eagles and cranes. it might be useful to contact Urmas. his e-mail address is urmas.sellis at kotkas.ee.

you will find our migration map topic here:
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