Mushroom camera.

Timelapse video of life on a log!
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Re: Mushroom camera.

Post by Liis »

Really beautiful photos, Forestdoggy!
Hmmm - mushroom looks a little like dancing polar bears.
The pics could maybe be used as a Rorschach test for biologists ... :innocent: ?

The camera mushroom has had a quite long life already, for a mushroom. Any guesses about how much longer?

Post by Katinka »

Sorry - I've been too impatient :blush: , waiting for more Corall-pictures, so here ... ralle.html I found something really precious, a true Corall-looking mushroom!!
(for Non-Germans: very rare species, during summer/autumn, on poor-nutricious grounds, near to deciduous trees) - But also observations in the U.S., here - a very colorful pic, like Indian summer...
If you leave away the name behind the URL's 2. slash, you'll find everything about Mushroom Hunting (esp. on the "hen of the woods").
I'm afraid it's getting a new hobby for mushroom-hungry gourmet people in the U.S.
They call their excursions into the forest foray (modern robbers-like!?) :shock:

Please, forumists from there - tell us if you've heard about this??

Post by Katinka »

...and after all it seems as if Tiit (the man behind the Korallnarmik Camera installation) has ended his sessions of time-lapse takes for this year.
Korallnarmik was in focus for 3 weeks, and any visible development no longer?
And I'd been on the opinion that after the decomposition process the tree would disappear :whistling: ! No way...
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Post by alice44 »

It would take a while for the tree to disappear. I have lots of trouble with vimeo -- this videos are short but the first time through takes a long time. So I only watched some of them.

I have never heard of that mushroom hunting site. But Morel mushrooms are delicious!

a foray into the forest is more like exploration than hunting, but I think foray is a term used for military exploration

Post by Katinka »

As the takes of the time-lapse camera are really short, not so bad that you've got trouble with Vimeo. Mainly European amateurs use it.
But more necessary is your phantasy on the life around the Corall's Tooth...

The mushroom hunters should better be aware that their "foray" is only done with a knife, so any other danger :unsure: in the forests should be kept out of sight...

Post by Katinka »

For Forestdoggy & all the Others left with attraction
to the World of mushrooms:
Time lapse pictures - but not as brilliant as each single picture taken by Urmas Tartes (you'll find them all over in the autumnal LK articles)
a very nice video with mushroom-rich images from Southeastern Germany, near to Bavarian forest (on 1'15'' something looking like a Coral's tooth but with curls instead of teeth...on 7'50'' you see a tiny toad for seconds!...and the last 2 mins. are nothing for hungry watchers...)
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Post by forestdoggy »

Thanks, Katinka, these videos are great. :thumbs:
And I'm so sorry. I can`t do that what I promised, no more pictures in this year. Maybe in next year again ... I hope so 8-)

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