Estonian - English translation. Can you help?

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Estonian - English translation. Can you help?

Post by Jo UK » March 30th, 2011, 12:29 pm

We are looking for translators from Estonian to English! Especially we are looking for help with Kristel Vilbaste’s weekly stories.
Please contact Looduskalender, or the forum administrators, if you would like to volunteer.

Our valued translator, Liis, does a huge amount of work to enable the English speaking viewers of Looduskalender and this forum to enjoy the LK articles, and it would be so good if she could have some help, sometimes.
Would-be translators need not make a long-term commitment. Simply helping with one article, from time to time, would be very helpful. Liis says that, sometimes, it is possible to pick up "inside information" on webcams, etc!

Here is Kristel Vilbaste's summary of the year 2010.

and one of her regular weekly stories, the first week of April in Estonia 2009,

Her weekly chronicles have appeared for several years in Looduskalender and in Estonian newspapers. Now the stories in Looduskalender are also on the German page.
The stories describe changes and events in nature in Estonia, as seen by someone who knows and loves it, particularly from the village of Vilusi on the shore of Lake Peipsi in eastern Estonia. Now the chronicles continue with a Tallinn base, after the 70-year-old farmhouse where the family lived was tragically destroyed by fire on February 12.

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