Estonian White-tailed Sea Eagle Nest Camera 2022

Webcam Watching over White-tailed Eagles nest

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Re: Estonian White-tailed Sea Eagle Nest Camera 2022

Post by Triin »

15 Feb 2023

The camera is working, but YouTube livestream needs fixing. Camera link on Kotkaklubi channel

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Post by Susanne »

:loveshower: Thank you Triin! You'll get that fixed, too. (Amazing, how FAST 8-) men can work...)

That quick look at the nest was quite disappointing. I wished for some more signs of nest construction. But there seems to be none.
I still have to finish my work and will return later. Sound works, at least something.
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Post by Triine »

Triin Thank you! We are looking forward to the live broadcast. :loveshower:
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Post by ame »

yippee! :loveshower:
thank you!

... but the nest looks quite uninhabited. :slap:

we'll start a new topic for the new season:

welcome! :laugh:

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