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Cameras Watching over Black Storks nest
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Re: Fund Raising in Support of Estonian Eagle Club - Kotkaklubi

Post by Liz01 »

Jo, :hi:
It seems that the transfer from America is working. I have feedback of thanks for the data and most importantly, big thanks to Urmas for his great work.
...and thank you to Urmas for all that he does!
I'm considering setting up the donation contact on my community channel as well, with the advice that donors who can't make the bank transfer should contact Jo UK. It would be good,if it were allowed to publish your email address. Then they could make contact without being a member of the LK and especially, that I don't have to take action.
I know email address is a sensitive matter. If it's not possible, I'll just have to take action when there's a request.

what do you think?

I need an explanation as to why already now, supportive fish must be placed in the basket. And I would prefer to post a picture of the installed fish basket. Visual things are better than 1000 words. And again, what do you think of that?
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Post by Jo UK »

Liz, I think that, if you are reasonably confident in the person who wants my e-mail, then will you please give it? I feel a little uncetain about a public show of my address, but privately, then yes.
But, Helen 44 says that there is a way to donate to Kotkaklubi via Paypal, which I have not discovered yet.
Please do what you think is best. You have never abused my e-mail address so I have confidence in your discretion. :thumbs:

Your edit = why supplemental feeding so soon in the season? We have seen the low water levels, but a more detailed reason can come only from Urmas.
I will refer him to your question.

Re photos of fish baskets, please contact Anne 7. There is no objection to showing those photos on this forum, with the necessary proviso - do not give the location!
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Post by Urmas »

I did look to long feeding tracks they both, Kaia and Karl II, cover between incubation duty. And it seems one incubation event lasts quite long this year?
Could somebody check last year(s) medium longevity of incubation, I mean time between change of parent. By the feeling it seems longer this year, but I can be wrong. Can't take time for that by myself.
Therefore started additional feeding. In some places Herons ate fish, so was moved then. Currently, there are two baskets, one in the same place as last summer and other in different place. But the places could be changed if needed.
Last year we started actually in the beginning of May, but not so intensively as during chick feeding. The same I hope to follow this season. And we need to let parents to search food by themselves also. Not only baskets should provide food.

Main result of last year additional feeding is seen on migration map - both tracked chicks do well by now. Unfortunately we did not equip all four as two other transmitters were foreseen for Eedis chicks. If those devices appeared (unfortunately) free to use some where else, chicks in Karula nest were too big to visit them once more.
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