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Welcome to Looduskalender Forum

Posted: October 31st, 2008, 10:01 am
by Jo UK
Welcome to the Looduskalender forum

We are indebted to Looduskalender (Estonia's Nature Calendar) for providing us with this area, where we may learn about Estonia's natural world through the Looduskalender webcams. The quality of pictures and sound brought to us by the Estonian webcams is probably the best in the world!

An important function of this English language forum is to provide the Estonian Eagle Club with information about the species observed through these webcams.

Eagle Club members take note of our observations, opinions, screen shots and videos. From this source, they are able to create articles for Looduskalender, Press and TV and thereby educate the greater public about the needs of the natural world. The technical information they acquire via our forum posts is valuable to the biologists as little is yet known, for example, about Black Storks.The struggle to maintain breeding and feeding environments for birds and animals, versus the activities of commercial and private interests is an unending battle.

It is right to draw everyone's attention to the fact that all Eagle Club members, forestry workers, forum workers and anyone connected with Looduskalender, ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS. They give their time freely, when they can, allowing for the demands of work and home life. We and Estonia's natural world benefit from their generosity.

We all have a deep interest in the birds and animals we view and have learned to appreciate and care about Black Storks, Lesser Spotted Eagles (who didn't co-operate in 2008!), Wild Boar, Ravens, Buzzards and other species native to Estonia. We also look forward to continuing international friendships formed over past seasons and making new friends on this new forum.

A word about RULES


All images from the Looduskalender webcams are free to use, providing they are not used for commercial or business profit. You may put your screenshot or video on a commercial photo-hosting website, such as Photobucket, ImageShack, Flickr, Pic-Upload, etc. If you post an image or video to websites or forums other than this one, you must include a link to the original Looduskalender webpage or camera from which the image was taken.

Commercial advertising in any form is not allowed in Looduskalender forum!

Added 17.1.2013
Recent concerns about copyright law have encouraged us to add this -
Each time any of us posts a picture or article from any other website (other than Looduskalender, forum or webcams) we must all include a link to the page where we found the image or text.

It is one small chore but it could save us from a lot of grief.

Avatars and signatures

Avatars and signatures are restricted to still images only. The use of flashing or blinking animated images causes slow loading for some, but is also harmful to members with photo-sensitive conditions such as migraine or epilepsy. We have been as generous as possible with avatar size - you may use 120 X 120 pixels. If it becomes obvious that such sizes are causing problems, we may have to reduce that size of avatar at some future time.
The integration of commercial or promotional external banners or URLs in the signature is not permitted.

Usernames can be from 4 to 20* characters long. Please do not use "famous names", either curent or historical.
Characters from politics or show business or other means to fame are not suitable as usernames.
It is more user friendly if you can find a name which is easy to associate with a person. Using a mix of numbers and letters has an alien feel to it and other members may be uneasy about communicating with it.
Please note: we can no longer accept user names in other than Latin letters!

* Edit 16. 06. 2016 One part of our forum registration software is no longer able to process usernames of 3 characters or less. There fore we have to ask members to choose a username of 4 characters or more. This change does not affect existing members whose usernames are of 3 characters.

Posting images, screen captures, etc.

Please restrict picture sizes to not greater than 800 x 600 pixels, except on special topics which are indicated.
Please do not add more than 3 pictures to one post, preferably restrict it to 3 pictures and one video or add links to the pictures.
Edited 31.March2017. The number of pictures per post has been reduced to 3 images, no longer 5 images.

Smartphones, tablets, etc.

Webmaster has been busy - he has made it possible for us to access Looduskalender with smartphones, tablets, etc.
Forum members are invited to test it with mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.

Just go with Your mobile device and the site is optimized for small screen and lower data bandwith. Hope everything works

When you joined this forum, you agreed to refrain from insulting, hostile or inflammatory posts. A member who offends against our requirement for a decent, sociable atmosphere will be banned

Re: Welcome to Looduskalender Forum

Posted: October 31st, 2008, 10:05 am
by Jo UK
If you have any problems with the forum, or with other members, please send a PM to a global moderator or Admin, who will do their best to help. We - Moderators and Admins, are all volunteers who happily give our time and share our love of the natural world. We will reply to your queries and concerns as soon as possible, but please remember that none of us is here all the time.

Re: Welcome to Looduskalender Forum

Posted: June 26th, 2017, 2:31 pm
by Jo UK
I have had recent reports of members receiving hostile, insulting or offensive Personal Messages from other members.
This is an offense against our rules and must not continue.

"When you joined this forum, you agreed to refrain from insulting, hostile or inflammatory posts. A member who offends against our requirement for a decent, sociable atmosphere will be banned"

If you have a problem with another member please tell me about it, rather than send a message to that member.
If anyone here receives a PM which is insulting or hostile, please forward it to me, Jo UK.

I consider this to be a serious matter which affects members' enjoyment of this forum. As Senior Administrator I want to be the one to deal with it.