About Wildlife Veterinary Care In Estonia

The Work of Looduskalender, Kotkaklubi and Wildlife Veterinary Care
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About Wildlife Veterinary Care In Estonia

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Wildlife Veterinary care in Estonia is provided mainly by Dr. Madis Leivits, who is so far the only wildlife-trained veterinary surgeon in Estonia. He will begin to train other Estonian vets in Wildlife Medicine. Meanwhile, he works mostly alone, seven days each week (from practical wildlife rehabilitation and medicine to teacher, scientist, consultant and ending with administrative work including webmaster and fundraiser to take care of all the animals in need).

Dr. Madis gained his qualifications in veterinary medicine at the Estonian University of Life Sciences but
his knowledge of the natural history of animals was gathered beside his father (who is a biologist) since he was a young boy. A further year of study and practice at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in the United States earned him a specialist qualification in wildlife medicine and surgery.

At present Dr. Madis is working at the Estonian Fund for Nature and treating wildlife patients at the animal clinic of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences. There are plans to build a wildlife hospital and also plans to begin training veterinary surgeons to have basic knowledge and practical skills in wildlife medicine.

Dr. Madis told us that: "As Estonian Fund for Nature is a non-governmental organization and our work with wildlife greatly is based on donations, we need support from the public. There are multiple ways. You can find a suitable form on our website. It is also its possible to donate towards equipment (please contact Dr. Madis.)"

Donations: http://www.metsloom.ee/en/help-wild-animals/donate


Estonian Fund for Nature: http://www.elfond.ee/en/about-elf/eston ... for-nature

Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences http://vl.emu.ee/en/

Dr. Madis's blog http://www.metsloom.ee/en/news/patientstest

Dr Madis' email:

Madis Leivits, DVM
Estonian Fund for Nature

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