Red Deer Camera on Saaremaa Season 2015 - 2016

Camera installed on Saaremaa by the Estonian State Forest Management Centre RMK
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Re: Red Deer Camera on Saaremaa Season 2015 - 2016

Post by IceAge »

Thank you all for the nice season, especially the feed suppliers for the hard work :bow: .

Have all a good time and we see us again next winter :wave: .
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Post by Summi »

So far our biggest islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa were untouched by African Swine Fever. But quite recently the tests confirmed that the first cases in one big pigsty of 2,700 pigs in Saaremaa have come about and all the pigs were killed. It may be that feeding of deers will not be taken up this winter.
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Post by Janne+Ais »

How could that happen? Sad!
Thank you for this information.

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