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Information about posting pictures

Post by Jo UK »

Recently, we were all aware of the need to be a little economical in our use of pictures on the forum. We ran out of server space!
Fortunately for us, webmaster found us more space, but warned that there is not an unlimited supply for server space for our pictures. So, here is what may work better for us. Keeping in mind that we are a forum whose interest is fed by Looduskalender webcams (and others) obviously we have a greater need to post pictures than, maybe, a forum about poetry!

Having a little extra space now, we can once more use attachments. Please post no more than 3 three attachments in one post.

Concerning photo-hosting sites, Image shack seems to be the easiest to use, but watch out for pop-up ads. I have abandoned photobucket in favour of Imageshack. It is easier to use, and we can choose thumbnail pictures which will enlarge to bigger size when clicked - clickable thumbnails. It looks good on the forum and is easier to check all the way through the pages of posts that we manage to write in a day! Please try to keep your pictures within 800 x 600 size range. I know there are special occasions, and will come to that later.

Many will think that it is easier and quicker to use attachments and no-one will object to that. The thumbnail size is set at 500 px width. The original size of the picture appears when the thumbnail is clicked.
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Post by NancyM »

Due to limited server space, we cannot use attachments at the present time.

Please use a photohosting service such as Photobucket or Image Shack.

If you have questions or problems, please ask them here.
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Post by ame »

i didn't know where place this post else than here.

it seems that Techno-Urmas (or someone else in the technical staff) has been able to recover from some back-up-files the old-old pictures which were attached in posts in the siga-board in 2009 and in Linda's and Sulev's board in 2009!
hip-hip hurray!

these attached pictures vanished once in bit-heaven once due to a server overload and collapse in the spring 2009 (on March 10th it seems to have been) but now they are back again! :D

THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!! who ever it was who did this great job. :bow: :bow:
here are some flowers to thank you! :D
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Post by ame »

How to take snapshots and record videos
and about what else can be done then

about taking pictures i found first some instructions in Russian:
and some instructions in Dutch:

how to take pictures with Windows Media Player (i don't know if this is useful anymore... is it possible to watch the cameras with Mediaplayer? :puzzled: )

using RealPlayer and something about Fraps and more about Realplayer can be found when you read further from here:

and the VLC-instructions (also in Finnish, Swedish and sort of Russian which i hope is better than nothing). this is the program that i use because it is simple enough for me and i can take both snapshots and videos with it.
with VLC you open the rtsp-address of the camera. these you'll find in the first post of the nest thread.
and some more tricks with the VLC here:

NHC Debut Professional (this was much trickier to use than VLC but it was necessary when we couldn't use VLC with JWPlayer):

and when you have pictures you'll want to make animated gifs :D

editing pictures:

about posting videos there are instructions here:
and right below it there are instructions about how to get a Youtube account.
uploading videos to the Youtube:

about editing videos:
and here:
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Post by Gavril »

Thank you AME. I almost did. :loveshower:
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