White-tailed eagle webcam

Transmission courtesy of  LMT (in Latvia) and EENet
Translation Liis


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A few years ago the Estonian and Latvian co-operative project ESTLAT Eagles Cross Borders started. It ended last year.
As things have turned now, the female bird in the nest was ringed in Estonia  - nature  itself continues the enterprise. Fingers crossed that the nesting of our international pair will be successful!
The Estonian female bird is busy in the nest, the male arrives with nest materials. As usual he is a little smaller; this shows well in the camera image. For the first time we see a spruce as the nest tree. The length of these magnificent birds is 80-90 centimetres, and while the weight of the male bird is 4 kilos or a little more, the female can be up to a couple of kilos heavier. The wing span of WTEs can reach 2,5 meters. Breeding starts at 5-6 years old. The nest is built during a month; its edges are ”decorated” with green conifer branches. We will probably have to wait a little more than a month for the first egg; the weather will also play a role here.
Urmas Sellis is on an eagle expedition in Russia, returning in mid-February. There will be more detailed information from Janis and Urmas then.
The camera this year is an Axis F41.
From the forest the signal travels to an LMT mobile tower, from there via the LMT communication channels to Internet and then into the EENet server where the final decoding of the video and distribution to viewers takes place.












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