Trail camera tales

Info from Estonian Hunters' Society,
Trail camera  Ants Tormilind, Tali Hunters' Society
Translation Liis
Five wolves kill a raccoon dog in the Tali hunting district in Pärnu county
The further south we go, the fewer boar are left in the Estonian forests – the African Swine Fever continues its ravages and so wolves have to find new prey animals.
After the cold winters the number of roe deer decreased significantly. Thanks to the stronger specimens that survived, the numbers are slowly being restored. Wolves have certainly destroyed a great number of boars that have died by ASF; as far as is known the illness does not infect them. By habit the wolves keep watch near feeding grounds; there the raccoon dog fell victim to them (it is not a favourite food item).
Slowly life is adapting to the changed conditions; in addition to roe deer beavers are also hunted but there wolves are food competitors with lynxes.
Winter continues; we will try to collect information from various sources on how life in our forests may develop.
The Estonian Ministry of Environment and the Environmental Board (Keskkonnaamet) have given hunters the task to kill at least 29 608 boar during the current hunting period in order to reduce the population of wild boar and so stop the spread of  ASF. By January 1st 77% of the target number had been achieved seen over all Estonia according to data from the Environmental Board. 




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