Week in the woods: Beginning of September.

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 16.09.2016 - 10:30

Posted by the Animal of the Year team, 04.09.2016

A week in the wood without any badgers in camera view. The master did not show up at the Salumetsa sett nor were there any signs at Soosaare, hitherto full of playfulness. At Soosaare the reason might be the rain covers that were recently arranged on the cameras and which might have a suspicious smell. The badger family decided not to appear in the camera this week. Hopefully they used other burrows at the back of the sett where the camera could not reach. 

But let us look at the other forest animals who came to visit. 

The leaves of the bird cherry are falling, cranes gather and the raccoon dog pair too have realised that soon they must move into the badger’s porch. There is still time left but it is good to keep an eye on the lodgings to be rented early. Good to see that the raccoon dogs here are healthy and not bothered by mange. Not necessary to bring annoying vermin into the badger family either. The berry harvest has been plentiful, and the raccoon dogs are nicely chubby. 

A new visitor has been the ferret. The ferret loves burrows. It digs them itself too. Surely it finds something edible here in the sett. Plain curiosity is not excluded either. 

The latest visitor was a squirrel. On the sett and in the surroundings plenty of hazels grow. Some nuts already drop. A festive dinner table set for the squirrel. Good nourishing delicacy. 

On the road to the Salumäe sett an old birch is on the road verge and shaggy scalycaps have grown up between its roots. Shaggy scalycaps are pretty mushrooms but they are not fit for humans to eat: poisonous. This week only the feet were left of the mushrooms. Other traces were not visible around the mushrooms except a small dug-out hole. Very badger-like activity sign. Who knows whether the badger ate the scalycaps or did a roe deer show its love of mushrooms. After all we remember how he came to pick the brown roll-rims on the sett.


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