Badger camera season ending

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Posted by the Animal of the Year team, 29.10.2016

The best viewing times for the badger camera now are in the evenings between 18.30- 22.00 and in mornings between  5.00-7.00.
Video captured by  fleur3979

A few more weeks we can observe what happens in the Saaremaa badger camera, after that the camera will once more be taken to the deer site.
We can congratulate ourselves because at the end of the regular year of the badger and badger camera season we again know a little more about the actions and doings of badgers.
Based on past experiences from the Saaremaa badger camera and from the trail cameras monitoring badgers on the mainland the regular behaviour patterns of local badgers were confirmed.
The vanishing trick in summer last year was also repeated: the badgers simply disappeared at the end of May, sneaking quietly back after a month and a half.
It became clear that it was not a question of special peculiarities of the Saaremaa individuals but that the comrades on the mainland acted likewise. The British badgers too have a habit of straying around in summer, sleeping wherever happens and not returning to the sett for weeks.
Since badgers Kadi and Tõnis evidently decided to go for a longer summer vacation the camera was moved ten days before midsummer. In the new monitored sett the movements of the badgers increased again in the second half of July, offering emotive views in autumn and even now with the sated, torpid and rotund badgers having midday naps directly in front of the camera.
In mid-August the two badger cubs who had grown appreciably during summer appeared too but did not amuse viewers all too often with their presence. We have not managed to see them in camera view for a couple of weeks. Perhaps they have more to do behind the camera, or something has happened.
Despite the summer scarcity of badgers numerous furry and feathered visitors were caught by the Saare badger camera and mainland trail cameras.
Here we see the boar piglets rushing across the sett.

Even though the badger camera closes soon for this year and hands over the baton to the deer camera we will keep an eye on our favourites during autumn and winter and will keep you updated about their doings.

Tiit Hunt,




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