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New Cameras


Black stork camera 2012

Transmission courtesy of Televõrgu AS and EENet

Web camera image: Bubo, LK forum.
Renno and Urmas from Kotkaklubi installed the web camera at the black stork nest in Läänemaa on March 26th. The aerial that had been standing idle in the Elisa mobile tower the whole winter was in working order only on April 28th; in the same evening the first nest owner was at the nest.

The nest is known to us since 2009; then three chicks grew up there. The 2010 nesting failed; in July there were only egg shells under the nest. Last year four young grew up in the nest; we could watch, with somewhat varying success, their growth. Local farmers know the nest site already from the Soviet kolkhoz period: then the nest was a few hundred metres away.

The nest is quite far from roads, about 2 kilometres as the crow flies. This year we set the camera about half a metre lower to get a better view and raised the solar panels higher (hopefully now no power shortage caused by shadowing trees will occur).
The technical solution is quite similar to that in our other web cameras:
by way of the MikroTik aerials the web camera image arrives at the Elisa mobile tower 11 kilometres away, and from there to the Televõrgu fibre-optical cable. Televõrgud transmit the camera image to the EENet server, where the video is decoded and the stream is multiplied. The power to the camera and aerial systems in the forest is supplied by solar panels
NB! To watch the video in full screen mode double click on the video window that opens in Media Player. In case watching the mms stream does not succeed the web player below that allows watching the camera image directly in your web browser may be tried (needs Silverlight):
Assisting in the enterprise are:

• Camera - Mobotix (Estonian representative - Beta Grupp OÜ)
• Aerials (MikroTik), cables, technical support - Kernel AS
• Image transmission to the EENet server, tower work - Televõrgu AS
• Splitting of stream, video storing, server space - EENet
• Solar power feed solution - TTÜ Department of Materials Science
• Mobile tower for transmission aerial - Elisa
• Long-time stork camera watcher Olev (godfather of black stork Padis) helped to cover the camera system installation costs

... and all is observed and documented by the Looduskalender  forum.
Translation: Liis