VIDEO: Badger turned terrorist

Video  Urmas Lett
Translation Liis
Badger   Mäger        Meles meles     
In the video from Wednesday night we saw a strange badger in the webcam. It at once attacked the male who protected his nest at the opening to the den (below is a link to the video from Wednesday).
In the present video we see the same creature in daylight, and it is a quite large individual. In the beginning the male nest owner appears and makes a short tour in the forest. After about half the video the huffing stranger appears. Immediately before that the den owner has retreated into the den, prepared to fight.
It is not curiosity that motivates the intruder – in that case movement is silent, the air is snuppered and when curiosity is satisfied, one moves on.
The “den terrorist“ moved around close to the badger castle, loudly, on Wednesday as well as today, Thursday. Moreover, the creature insolently marks the area around the castle with urine; it is visible in the video. In animal language such behaviour is to be understood as a declaration of war.
How little we actually know of the life of the forest residents. Even in the web camera we only see a tiny sector.
On Wednesday the camera did not work because the batteries for power were being charged.




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