New Cameras

New Cameras


Winter bird feeder webcam

Transmission courtesy of ELION
The small bird winter feeder webcam is open for a new season. There is an even better Mobotix camera for the display than last year. Heiki has built a new "bird arena”.  BALSNACK feeds our feathered friends with their bird food beginning already during the last cold wave. The camera is placed outside the office window of at Otepää. It is a well tried and tested spot, we will see the ways and doings of birds wintering here in an urban environment. Arne will surely have interesting photos for Looduskalender.

By and by the visitors at the feeder will be introduced, and the forum is open for all who are registered users. When winter really arrives we will arrange a competition together with BALSNACK for the best screen captures: more information about this when snow and beautiful winter weather is here.
ELION arranges the transmission of the video stream from Otepää to Tartu and  
EENet multiplies the image stream as needed for viewers.
If your computer doesn’t support direct stream viewing, it may be worthwhile to test a web player that works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS without quitting the browser

Get Microsoft Silverlight

The web player needs the Silverlight browser add-on. It can be downloaded from here, if you do not already have it. If watching the webcam still doesn’t work, we recommend the VLC Player.