Roe deer camera

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Transmission provided  by Elisa and EENet
Technical support HATCAM
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The rains that started at the end of last summer led to a crop failure in the forage fields intended for the roe deer, and the deer looked for higher and drier places to stay in.

Now the ground is frozen, there is snow on it and the movement of animals can be seen every day: today foxes barked nearby  - the mating period  lasts. The day before yesterday a silage bale was brought for the roe deer, something can also be found in the couple of hectares of forage field, the salt lick attracts approach …

The Lembitu Hunting Society and Priit Vahtramäe. take care of  the animals

Transmission is provided by Elisa and EENet. Streaming (camera stream) goes from Mulgimaa to the EENet server in Tartu by way of the  Elisa 4G connection.

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