On Sunday the city with the greatest abundance of birds in Estonia will be revealed

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Estonian Ornithological Society announces
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Lõotalv. Otepää

Lark winter. Otepää



This Sunday,  March 25th, the Estonian Ornithological Society arranges a city birdwatching day aimed to draw attention to the abundance of birds in cities and the beginning of the arrival of migrating birds. Last year 24 Estonian cities participated in the birdwatching day and altogether 111 different bird species were noted. 

The starting signal for the city birdwatching day is on March 25th, in early morning at 5.00. But the early start should not discourage you because all observations of birds made until 13.00 will be taken into account. So there should be enough time for a birdwatching trip for late risers too.

To participate in the event it is not necessary to be birdwatching all the  time, and it is not necessary to know all bird species in Estonia. The main thing is to find some time, even if it is only an hour, to marvel at the abundance of birds in cities. But only the species that have been absolutely surely identified should be recorded.

On Sunday evening summaries will be prepared and the city in Estonia with the most extensive list of species will be revealed




Rules for participation in the city birdwatch 2018:

Competition period: 5.00-13.00

Competition area: city of your own choice.

1.       The competition area will be a freely chosen city in EstoniaNB! For the limits of a city the internal municipal  city boundaries apply.. For instance in case of Haapsalu only the central part of the city of Haapsalu with its administrative boundaries is a rally site. The same is valid for all other cities

2.       In order to participate you must create competition teams of 2-5 members. A species will be registered if it is seen or heard by more than 50% of the team members (2 out of 2, 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4 etc)

3.       Your participation in the birdwatch trip can be an eco trip (on foot, bicycle etc) or using a motor vehicle . 

4.       Only those bird species can be recorded that were seen without leaving the administrative city boundaries. NB! Noted species may be kilometres away from the city.

5.       The use of electronic lure devices is prohibited. Calls produced by oneself (e g whistling) is allowed.

6.       The results of the city birdwatch must be forwarded to us already on Sunday, March 25th, in the afternoon – 16.00 at the latest. The results should be sent by e-mail: tarvo.valker@eoy.ee 

 The results must contain the names of the participants, the name of the city that was the observation area and the list of the observed bird species in  accordance with the rules above. Please also note whether the birdwatch was made as an eco event or if motor vehicles were used

 More information:

Tarvo Valker, Estonian Ornithological Society 



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