Spring migration of frogs

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ELF’s “ Konnad teel(t) - Frogs off roads”

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Estonian text posted 17.04.1018


Common frogs (Rana temporaria)



The warmer weather has woken up our amphibians that have started to migrate massively to their reproduction areas. In connection with this the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) calls all to help frogs to cross road cuts safely where the migration paths of amphibians meet motoring roads. Drivers should be particularly attentive late at night when the migration is large and volunteers are out to help the amphibians.

The frog migration generally takes place in April and the premise is warm and humid nights The peak time of the migration is late evenings at 21-23 o’clock and the migration lasts altogether a couple of days. Depending on the weather the frog migration may also occur in waves – in cold nights few, in warm and rainy nights in large numbers.

There are many road cuts where hundreds and thousands of frogs are killed by traffic particularly near cities. The increased traffic volume has put the amphibian populations at risk particularly in densely populated areas. "We are helping the frogs with voluntary helpers already for the seventh year and it has turned out clearly that in cities and their vicinity the amphibians are in the greatest danger of extinction and so they need help at vital moments such as the migration to the breeding areas,” says the "Konnad teel(t)” action manager Kristiina Kübarsepp. "In cities and their vicinity it is also simpler for volunteers to join the frog actions. In  Ihaste in Tartu and Astangu in Tallinn brave volunteers have helped thousands of amphibians each year  and have sevured the conservation of the species in their home regions”, Kristina Kübarsepp said, praising the volunteers who had taken part from year to year.

All who have noticed road cuts in previous years that might be dangerous to frogs and want to organise an action party  there should let the coordinator of the frog actions, Kadri Aller, know at the address  kadri.aller@elfond.ee. ELF supports the action managers with advice and, as far as possible, with the necessary materials. As of today there are 13 noted action sites in Estonia, for instance in  Ihaste in Tartu, Astangu in Tallinn, at Klooga and Kehra in Harjuma, at Tapa in Lääne-Virumaa and Kuremägi in Ida-Virumaa. Action managers are still needed  at  the  Leie-Oiu site at the Võrtsjärv, but actions are also expected at other road cuts that are dangerous to frogs. Earlier mapped frog migration paths can be seen here: http://konnad.elfond.ee/tulemused.

All who want to join the work can join the frog helpers list on the web page  konnad.elfond.ee or the Facebook page  „Konnad teel“ that has current information on the larger enterprises.

When helping frogs across the road it is very important to follow safe traffic principles. For the safety of the amphibians as well as their helpers temporary frog barriers should be used – it prevents the frogs from getting on to the road and the helpers can collect the frogs in buckets from the roadside behind the barrier and when they have verified that it is safe, bring them across the road. Before going to help the frogs be sure to read the information from  the frog actions on the home page konnad.elfond.ee.

ELF arranges the frog actions from 2012 onwards. Aided by volunteers over the years about 82 000 amphibians have been saved from being killed.


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Kristiina Kübarsepp

Action manager, ELF's “Konnad teel(t) - Frogs off road” 


5330 8916


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