Crane migration survey update

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Aivar Leito about the migration of cranes
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis 

Estonian text published 09.10.2017Raadiosaatjaga sookure jälgimine antenniga. Aivar Leito

Tracking crane provided with transmitter with aerial. Aivar Leito

My Friday noon forecast about the arriving migration wave of cranes has been confirmed. Our sat cranes from this summer, „Loode“, „Liiva“ and „Paslepa“ that were hatched at Sõrve in Saaremaa, Liiva in Muhu and Paslepa in Läänemaa respectively started their migration in the morning of October 6, and „Mustakurmu“ from Põlvamaa in the morning of October 7.

Cranes and barnacle geese

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Text,images and video: Tiit Hunt,
Translation: Liis


Estonian text published 30.09.201

On Thursday we once more moved the webcam in the Sassi  Peninsula and in the evening we could see how at about twenty minutes past seven thousands of cranes flew past the camera at sea during only  ten minutes. It is likely to happen today as well because the migration of cranes has not finished yet, rather it is the peak period which however may end rapidly with favourable migration weather.


Migration paths of cranes and video

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Text, video and photos Tiit Hunt,
Migration map sent by Aivar Leito
Translation Liis

Estonian text published 26.09.2017

It was necessary to visit the crane webcam again the day before yesterday – if the cows had ”eaten” the video image on Friday  the fine creatures were not guilty of the absence of image on Sunday – probably a momentary cut in the mobile transmission stopped the connection for the whole day.

When did the ospreys start their migration?

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Video recorded by Liz, LK forum
Translation Liis


Estonian text published 15.09.2017



Osprey       Kalakotkas      Pandion haliaetus

Male Ivo as well as the young osprey Daisi, probably a girl, have left on their migration. For two days the solar panels could not provide the webcam system with power, so the departure may have been on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday when the camera started working again there was a hope that  Ivo might come to revisit the nest – this has happened quite frequently. The stormy day yesterday blew away the last hope of a final meeting.

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