Waders at Havers

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Video, camera images and text Tiit Hunt,

Translation Liis


Estonian text  published 10.08.2017

The strong western winds last weekend caused a rapid rise of the seawater level and by Saturday morning the sea already splashed only a few centimetres from our camera, on Sunday there was already deep choppy sea.

Before moving it the doings of waders could be observed directly at the camera and it was a good opportunity to identify bird species. Determining waders is otherwise a tricky enterprise even for experienced birdwatchers because of their similarity.

VIDEO: High water level

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VIDEO recorded by Fleur, LK forum
Translation Liis


Estonian text published 05.08.2017


Compared to yesterday the water level at Havers had risen by 15 centimetres, and compared to the day before yesterday, with all of 30 centimetres - the camera stands with its feet in water,

The birds are busy around the camera. Margus Ots starts on Monday with introductions to the species to be seen.

Video summary of departure of great tit nestlings from nest

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Linnuvaatleja news,

In the geat tit webcam nest all 8 nestlings fledged and left the nest on Saturday, July 15th. As first in the morning the oldest, 20 days old, left and as last the smallest nestling, up to 4 days younger than the others.

The departure of the great tit nestlings can be seen in the videos listed below (recorded by Urmas Lett, EENet):

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