FILM TREASURE TROVE: "Beautiful land""

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The film is from the  ERR archive
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"Ilus on maa" – "Beautiful land“  In the context of the EV 100 centennial a look at the start of the last thirty years is useful. The film was made in 1985.

Rein Maran’s film was commissioned to introduce life in the ESSR in the style of socialistic realism. The time still left to the upheavals of the revolutionary years was not long.  A useful retrospective look back for those who were participants themselves in the events, in addition many well-known  nature views…

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VIDEO: Roe deer in forage field

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Video recorded by Urmas Lett

Photos Arne Ader
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Roedeer             Metskits or  kaber         Capreolus capreolus


A long peaceful record of the doings of the roe deer flock near the salt lick and in the forage field that sadly was almost destroyed by the very wet weather last year. As the ground freezes we again see animals moving. The snow cover hid the tracks and smells of people who had  been there earlier and the web  camera allows us to see the activities of the animals without disturbing them.

VIDEO: About Candlemas ravens

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Video recorded by Ame; LK forum

Photo Arne Ader

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Estonian text posted 02.03.2018


Researchers have found in their studies that quite as in the relationships among humans and other hominids, acts are used with certain meanings among birds in pair interactions and so it is with ravens


Raven        Ronk or kaaren     Corvus corax


People in the old days believed that today on Candlemas day (February 2nd) the ravens put the first ”log” in their new nest, or checked their last year’s nest in the Candlemas month – if and how much mending it would need.

VIDEO: Winter Garden Bird Watch at the weekend

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Video Ahto Täpsi
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Estonian text posted 29.01.2018



Did you watch and count birds at the weekend?

The Winter Garden Bird Watch took place on January 26.-28. It has developed into the most popular birdwatching event in Estonia and the largest people’s science enterprise.


A preliminary summary of the survey from the Estonian Ornithological Society:

On the weekend more than 44 000 birds were counted

VIDEO: Snow opened the track book

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Video recorded by  Ahto Täpsi

Photo Arne Ader

Estonian text posted 21.01.2018



This terrain suits  the activities of lynxes

Lynx        Harilik ilves      Lynx lynx


A few degrees of frost and a slight snow cover made the animals use the first few days to familiarize themselves with the new conditions in the forest but the track book is already readable.

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