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Cranes went straight across sea from Virtsu to Riga

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Text Aivar Leito

Photos Ainar Unus
Translation Liis

Estonian text published 11.10.2017

Juvenile crane from this year  with transmitter 

On October 6 2017, from the morning until afternoon, an active crane migration towards south took place in western Estonia. Our young sat cranes from this summer also started on their way with this migration wave: Loode“ from the Mullutu crane community in eastern Saaremaa, crane „Liiva“ from the Muraja community in eastern Saaremaa and crane „Paslepa“ from Noarootsi. It is interesting that they all flew southwards straight across the sea.

Results from birdwatch days

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Info from Estonian Ornithological Society

Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Estonian text published 10.10.2017

Viupardid. Matsalu

Wigeons. Matsalu

Results of the EuroBirdwatch days: only 185 000 birds

On the international EuroBirdwatch 2017 days on September 30 and October 1, Estonian bird friends counted altogether 185 000 birds of 162 species. The same number of species was seen as in earlier years but the number of birds was smaller than usual. The wigeon turned out to be the most numerous bird for the second year in succession.

Crane migration survey update

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Aivar Leito about the migration of cranes
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis 

Estonian text published 09.10.2017Raadiosaatjaga sookure jälgimine antenniga. Aivar Leito

Tracking crane provided with transmitter with aerial. Aivar Leito

My Friday noon forecast about the arriving migration wave of cranes has been confirmed. Our sat cranes from this summer, „Loode“, „Liiva“ and „Paslepa“ that were hatched at Sõrve in Saaremaa, Liiva in Muhu and Paslepa in Läänemaa respectively started their migration in the morning of October 6, and „Mustakurmu“ from Põlvamaa in the morning of October 7.