Video summary of departure of great tit nestlings from nest

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Linnuvaatleja news,

In the geat tit webcam nest all 8 nestlings fledged and left the nest on Saturday, July 15th. As first in the morning the oldest, 20 days old, left and as last the smallest nestling, up to 4 days younger than the others.

The departure of the great tit nestlings can be seen in the videos listed below (recorded by Urmas Lett, EENet):

READER’S LETTER and VIDEO: Encounter with bear

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Text and video Mati Sepp
Video: LINK

Translation Liis

On leaving home we never know how many sparrows on the branch we will see or if we will hear the nightingale singing in the shrubs at all, but when we go along a forest path there is always the dream deep down that we might meet a bear. But to be honest, even with the growing population of bears in Estonia it is almost impossible to meet them. The reason is very simple, bears deliberately avoid contact with humans and the occasions are few when the bear has not detected the human; in such rare cases it is possible to meet them. So it happened to me.

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