VIDEOS: About the winter life of elks

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Videos recorded by Ahto Täpsi and Kalle Pihelgas
Translation Liis


A group trotting away after noticing humans. In the video we see that the younger elk bull still has its antlers, usually male elks are ”bareheaded” by February.


Elk, European elk; Moose (US)     Euroopa põder or põder       Alces alces


What animals did our forebears hunt? Bone findings from nine thousand years ago confirm that both elk and beaver meat was used for food.

The elk, with a large head, hooked nose and a beard tuft can be held to be among the most majestic of the mammals in our wildlife.

Foxes courting

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Photo Arne Ader

Video Ahto Täpsi

Translation Liis

Rebased kurameerivad

Foxes courting


Red fox; European fox   Punarebane or rebane        Vulpes vulpes


Since the end of last summer when the young foxes left the care of the adults they have lived solitarily. They have marked their territories that may be about ten square kilometres in size.

Great tit loses one-tenth of its body mass during long winter night

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Text University of Tartu bird ecology researcher Marko Mägi and coordinator of the Year of Great Tit Margus Ots,

The great tit that has been staying overnight in the nest box has gathered many viewers via the webcam. Lately it has arrived in the nest box in the evenings between 16.00-17.00 and left by 8.00 at the latest in the mornings. Thus it sleeps more than 15 out of 24 hours during the dark period. How much energy does the tit use during the long winter nights and how much weight does it lose?

The camera image is transmitted by OÜ Teetormaja:

VIDEO: Video evidence

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Video recorded by Urmas Lett,



White-tailed eagle     Merikotkas        Haliaeëtus albicilla

Eagle changed seal camera view – Posted in Estonian 26.01.2017

You may very well know who is guilty of mischief, but you still have to repair it yourself.

During the whole autumny winter period one storm has chased another. Water and air hold a couple of plus degrees. Soon the whelping period of gray seals begins. We will see if the camera angle can be adjusted until then?

VIDEO: Quarrelsomeness blossoms

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Video recorded by Urmas Lett,



Red deer      Punahirv       Cervus elaphus


It has just turned dark, the stags only now gather on the feeding ground. Today there is belligerence in the air, all try to assert their importance in one way or another.

Normally the older creatures with solid antler growth do not have particularly much to do with the younger ones – they do what they want and no one protests in general.

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