VIDEO: Seems that heat period is beginning

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Tue, 08.01.2019 - 09:50

Video recorded by Fleur, LK forum
English translation Liis
Estonian text posted 03.01.2019




Fox; Red fox        Rebane or  punarebane       Vulpes vulpes


In the last third of the previous year, after the litter of last year took up independent life, foxes led a solitary life. But as  can be seen from the video they have started looking for a mate by and by, although these acquaintances will not necessarily stay together. In the beginning of the video we see that the first female caught in camera view already tolerates the presence of the possible partner (their conduct towards each other is quite interesting to observe in the video).

Until the nest-making in March-April the foxes rarely use the nest den in their territory: in bad weather as for instance during the recent January gale or in case of danger when they have to hide near the nest den from enemies …

The oestrus period comes in January-February. The pregnancy of the female lasts about two months but more about what follows when time is so far.

The oestrus period makes the foxes much more mobile and less cautious. Usually mostly twilight animals but as the heat period progresses we can meet them even at mid-day.

The territory of the fox pair during the oestrus period is quite large and it is more frequently than usual marked with urine as well as faeces. Evan a human nose is quite able to note the ”foxy smell”  - it is left by urine together with a specific secretion from the anal gland.

On moving in nature during the heat period we can hear shrill, intermittent yapping or sometimes piercing shrieks …


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