Week in the woods. Roe bucks barking.

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 28.06.2017 - 10:58

 Posted by the  Animal of the Year Team - 21.06.2017

From a sea of flowers the roe deer rose and scampered towards the forest. Alone; in the nearest surroundings there was no fawn on the ground. So the fawns are so small that they will not follow the mother yet. The doe keeps them hidden in a sheltered place and goes there from time to time to suckle them. The time in between she spends on nibbling grass and lying down resting

The harvest of last week from the forest verge where roe deer have been seen quite frequently. The camera caught wild boar, yellow pollen in the fur, that came to the winter rape field that is just ending its flowering,. After that an adult roe buck checking its territory. Another doe without a fawn was also caught by the camera. One recording started with the calls of cranes. The camera does not start from sound, the bird itself must slip past the movement sensor. At the end of the video a raccoon dog carries a quite large bounty

In the underwood the alder buckthorn now flowers with tiny flowers.The nectar of the alder buckthorn is one of the most aromatic. A good honey source! Good to know for those who sometimes have had enough of pressing through a dense buckthorn thicket. 


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