VIDEO: Effect of jackals on nature

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sun, 13.01.2019 - 19:32

Video recorded by  Urmas
English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 10.01.2019


The prudent behaviour of a jackal at the bait




Jackal; Golden jackal     Šaakal or  harilik šaakal      Canis aureus


We promised  to present the impact of the jackals in Estonia on the surrounding biodiversity.

A little about the exterior of the jackal. In the fluffy winter coats these canines look much darker than in summer. The males are slightly larger than the females but compared to their natural enemies the wolves they are lower, smaller and lighter.

Shoulder height  up to half a metre, average body length nearly eighty centimetres, the weight around ten kilos (whether  more or less depends on age) and the tail about a quarter of a metre.

The oestrus period should start in the second half of January; we may get some hints through the webcam; what is happening can then be introduced more in detail.

Now then about the effect of the omnivores on the surrounding environment. In the coastal meadows of Läänemaa the few jackals should not yet have a noticeable impact on the abundance of ground-nesting bird species. Even rather the contrary because  jackals fend off foxes as well as raccoon dogs from their territories.

In spring the jackals look for roe deer kids during their first few months of life; later they simply cannot catch roe deer. It should also be noted that a pair of jackals are much more effective hunters of prey than a single jackal.

An increase in their numbers might be punitive for sheep farmers who keep their flocks on the semi-natural pastures – there is no easy way to protect the sheep. If wolves or dogs attack a sheep flock they will if possible slaughter many animals; jackals however kill a single lamb  or sheep.

In any case there is a new species in our environment that has arrived here on its own, and we will try to keep an eye on their way of life .

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