Osprey nest camera Tartumaa 2020

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Transmission by Kernel, Tele2
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Kalakotkas Tartumaal 2020
Klick picture to open stream in Youtube

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There are two cameras on osprey nests in Estonia, one in Võrumaa and the other in Tartumaa. We have been following the nest from Tartumaa (kalakotkas2) since 2013.

The osprey camera nest in Tartumaa was built in the winter of 2013 about 50 m from the natural nest that had fallen down that year. The pair of ospreys immediately adopted the artificial nest with the camera. The history of the nest can be viewed on the osprey cameras page. For the first two years the resident male was Ilmar, whose migration routes can be seen on the migration map (autumn 2012 and spring 2013). Ilmar’s transmitter was removed during the summer of 2013. In recent years, nesting ospreys have mostly been ringed, so their origin and age are known. The current male bird Ivo (color ring ED) hatched in 2013 almost 50 km north of the camera nest. We have not seen the female bird Irma, who nested here for the first six years, in recent years. She was replaced in 2019 by a new female bird Iris, but Iris does not have rings and therefore we do not know her origin. The forum covers all major events. For example, you will find foreign ospreys that have visited the nest, some of whom have also had rings and thus we know their origin.

The livestream from Tartumaa nest can be seen since March 27. The camera signal is transmitted through the Kernel communication channels to the Beta Group server. Streaming to the viewers is done through YouTube channel. The camera is an AXIS F41 with a separate sensor and a microphone made by Omar. WiFi link is solved with MikroTik devices.

Thanks to the help of contributors, we have been able to update the technology over the years to enhance the camera image. Osprey cameras operate autonomously without external energy and data communication. Energy comes from the sun; it is stored in batteries for stability. This year has not been easy. We have had to change the batteries a couple of times (at night). Data is transmitted via WiFi links kilometers away from the nest to the broadband mast.

kalakotkas 2
Coming from Africa, snow in the nest is not expected. Your feet are starting to get cold…

Between building the nest, you have to think about the future (similar pictures can be found every year).

Kalakotkas pesas.

Osprey nest camera team and supporters:

Eagle Club – nest related work and camera installation, biological information, coordination
Beta-Grupp – camera testing and setup, microphone construction, technical support
Looduskalender – forum on the Web
TELE2 – usage of mobile mast for the antenna and the fiber optic cable
Kernel – antenna setup
Akukeskus Tartus – battery assistance
Environmental Investment Center – financial support
Bea – osprey camera forum administrator
Private donors – to cover unexpected and expected hardware costs
Thousands of viewers – The most important, because otherwise the cameras would not make much sense!

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