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VIDEO: About Candlemas ravens

07.02.2018 - 23:59


Raven        Ronk or kaaren     Corvus corax


People in the old days believed that today on Candlemas day (February 2nd) the ravens put the first ”log” in their new nest, or checked their last year’s nest in the Candlemas month – if and how much mending it would need.

Let us know about ”mad capercaillie” observations!

03.02.2018 - 16:16

Capercaillie cock


The Estonian Ornithological Society asks you to report observations of mad capercaillies.

VIDEO: Winter Garden Bird Watch at the weekend

30.01.2018 - 21:21


Did you watch and count birds at the weekend?

The Winter Garden Bird Watch took place on January 26.-28. It has developed into the most popular birdwatching event in Estonia and the largest people’s science enterprise.


A preliminary summary of the survey from the Estonian Ornithological Society:

On the weekend more than 44 000 birds were counted

Track book readable until yesterday’s thaw

30.01.2018 - 21:12

We see the traces of the rompings of the fox pair and in the right-hand corner the line of tracks of a solitary fox investigating  what has happened


2018 Mushroom of the Year – Tinder Polypore

28.01.2018 - 18:38

Tinder polypore on birch trunk     


Tinder polypore; Touchwood      Tuletael       Fomes fomentarius

The   Estonian Mycological Society (Eesti mükoloogiaühing) elected the Tinder Polypore as the Mushroom of the Year for 2018.

No winter, no summer – 2017 winter never came!

28.01.2018 - 18:21

The year 2017 was a year of expectations. We waited for when winter would arrive, and  summer. When will the strawberries be ripe, and the cranberries. Everything dawdled. Or never arrived.

2018 Winter Garden Bird Count from Friday until Sunday

27.01.2018 - 17:49


The Estonian Ornithological Society invites you to take part in the winter garden birs count that takes place on January 26 – 28. It has become the most popular birdwatching event in Estonia and the largest public education initiative.

VIDEO: Snow opened the track book

27.01.2018 - 14:53

This terrain suits  the activities of lynxes

Lynx        Harilik ilves      Lynx lynx


Stair-step moss – Moss of the Year 2018

26.01.2018 - 00:48


Stair-step moss; Glittering Wood-moss       Harilik laanik       Hylocomium splendens


The stair-step moss was elected as Moss of the Year 2018.


VIDEOS: Life on the shore of the freezing Matsalu bay

26.01.2018 - 00:41


Goshawk         Kanakull       Accipter gentilis



VIDEO: What are the lynxes planning?

20.01.2018 - 23:16


Lynx         Ilves ehk harilik ilves        Lynx lynx


Although in an enclosure  the lynxes rather prefer  to keep themselves to themselves. The only time when they look for being close to each other  is the heat period but we will have time to write about that later..

VIDEO: Action day and night in lynx camera

20.01.2018 - 23:10

Female lynx Gella spent the time from early morning on the dry and higher sitting area and left  from there together with male Lars a little after half past onee

Pseudopodsolic soil elected as Soil of the Year

16.01.2018 - 01:37

Pseudopodsolic soil profile (photo: EMÜ)


At the soil days arranged by the EstonianUniversity of Life Sciences the soil of 2018 was elected: the  reddish-brown pseudopodsolic soil of mixed forests.

REFLECTION: The end of a forest stand

16.01.2018 - 01:32


A month ago a pine forest still grew here. Most of the trees had germinated from the seeds around 1873. This is very long ago considering the age of our country or the length of a human life. These trees were older than our EstonianRepublic which will soon celebrate its 100th year, and they started to grow before my grandmother’s grandmother was born.

By today only stacks of beams, debris and stumps remain.

A worthy gift

16.01.2018 - 01:22


A worthy gift.  -  Let us act so that already now at least one forest of at least a 100 years will be left in our home area

The 100 year old EstonianRepublic looks forward to gifts. A  worthy gift in my opinion would be to decide to  care for our home forests.

We can make this decision already before spring.


VIDEOS: Deer on beach and ...

11.01.2018 - 12:02


Red deer        Punahirv      Cervus elaphus


Is it surprising?

Our cranes have reached their wintering areas

11.01.2018 - 11:58



The migration map of the cranes shows that all the Estonian cranes with transmitters have reached their winter quarters.

Their autumn migration was again very interesting and gave us much more knowledge about migration paths and wintering areas as well as migration behaviour.



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