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First wave of major crane migration has arrived

21.09.2017 - 11:22


Crane        Sookurg       Grus grus


Black stork cameras in Estonia and Latvia

20.09.2017 - 10:14

As the viewers of the nest life of the black storks already know, nesting results differed in the two nests observed. In Latvia, in the nest that until now had bred chicks successfully, the nesting did not succeed. Maybe the female that was briefly in place was not the same who nested there earlier, and a breeding pair did not develop with the male that arrived later. So we could see how a single male bird built a nest and visited it regularly.

When did the ospreys start their migration?

20.09.2017 - 10:06


Osprey       Kalakotkas      Pandion haliaetus

Crane migration

16.09.2017 - 13:37
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Fattening up time for brown bears

16.09.2017 - 13:21


Brown bear    Pruunkaru or karu           Ursus arctos


Unharvested oat fields are still to be seen along road verges, and hunters have set up fields for foraging that will not be harvested at all. The fattening-up period of brown bears lasts; but what is eaten and where?

VIDEO: Three months of nest life

12.09.2017 - 10:00


Osprey       Kalakotkas        Pandion haliaetus


Early autumn has progressed so far that there is less sun and on Thursday the camera system did not work at all.

Bitter boletes in mushroom forests and dishes

09.09.2017 - 12:16

Bitter bolete

Cep; King Bolete


Bitter bolete        Sapipuravik     Tylopilus felleus


Red and black elder

06.09.2017 - 15:07

Red-berried elder        Punane leeder        Sambucus racemosa


Wader webcam ended transmission

05.09.2017 - 11:56

Waders in pouring rain

On Thursday [August 31] we finished transmission from the wader camera at Haversi beach in Noarootsi for this season. The migration of woodcocks still lasts until October. For the organisers it was a new experience that helps further development of camera positions and the transmissions.

Video: LINK

Butterfly migrant

04.09.2017 - 12:31

That birds migrate even people very little aware of nature know. But that butterflies also may catch an irresistible wandering urge is certainly news for many of us. The more so since it is not a very common phenomenon in the insect world either.

Twisty tree on small island

02.09.2017 - 10:58

The Ruhnu Kuningapuu (King’s Tree) known as the Holma White Elm is believed to be somewhat more than 300 years old


White elm; Fluttering elm     Künnapuu     Ulmus laevis


Migrating groups of black-headed gulls

02.09.2017 - 10:30


Black-headed gull   Naerukajakas      Larus ridibundus


Sea buckthorn fruits ripening

30.08.2017 - 11:48


Sea buckthorn    Harilik astelpaju     Hippophae rhamnoides


Sea buckthorn plantations add colour along road verges.

VIDEO: Bears have cause for caution

30.08.2017 - 11:35


Bear; Brown bear       Karu or pruunkaru        Ursus arctos


The hunting season that lasts until the end of October has made bears very cautious. They have no-one to fear particularly except humans.

VIDEO: Enough food in osprey nest

26.08.2017 - 12:28


Osprey       Kalakotkas       Pandion haliaetus


The young ospreys are two and a half month old by now.

Deer camera news

23.08.2017 - 10:31

Reader’s letter and video: Roe deer families

23.08.2017 - 10:16

Video: LINK

I have observed the doings of roe deer on summer evenings but there is always the knowledge that nature is a harsh place to live in …

Admiral in stork nest

21.08.2017 - 11:46


Admiral; Red admiral         Admiral        Vanessa atalanta


Yesterday afternoon when male Karl was still there, the stork nest was visited by an admiral; this butterfly is already one of the generation born here.



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