Opening of Sänna Sky Trail on August 27

25 August 2011 - 9:50p.m. |  Looduskalender
On Saturday August 27, at 20.00. the Sänna Sky Trail will be inaugurated in Sänna village in Rõuge Parish, Võrumaa with a festive concert, with musical imrovisations by Mari Kalkun and Jagaspace, and an opening speech by Ene Ergmaa, Mayor of Võrumaa province and of Rõuge Parish.
The Sänna Sky Trail is a hiking path along a model of the Solar System on the scale of 1:1 billion  (1 mm = 1000 km or 1 m = 1 million km). The Sun and the four first planets are near the manor, the next planets are in  the river Pärlijõe valley between Sänna and Hurda villages.
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A meeting of the Estonian Ecovillage Network also takes place in connection with the opening.
Hendrik Noor
MTÜ Sänna Kultuurimõis
NGO Sänna CultureManor
Translation: Liis




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