Winter bird feeder camera guests - Marsh tit

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Marsh tit
Marsh tit
Salutihane ehk sootihane      Parus palustris
The winter number is estimated to be at least a hundred thousand birds. In addition to stationary birds young birds from north and east migrate to Estonia and that can greatly increase the winter numbers.
The marsh tit is in the same weight class as blue tits – about ten grams, or a little more or less.
The marsh tit’s plumage is grey, the wings uniformly brown. On the head a shiny black cap that goes down over the eyes, and a little "beard“ of the same colour on the chin. The sexes look similar.
With the overall number of marsh tits they should be seen quite often in camera view – but the bird feeder is only visited by a few birds. We have to do with locally very stationary tits whose area of activity is small. Some spend all their life near their hatching place. And so they are everywhere but in small numbers.
At visits to the bird feeder they wait patiently in a bush or tree nearby for their turn, or for the traffic to thin out. Often the obtained seeds are hid somewhere for storage, the marsh tits are more vegetarian-minded than other tits.

Within the next few days we will talk about the very similar willow tit.




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