Winter white-tailed eagle camera 2011/2012

Transmission courtesy of Televõrgu AS and EENet


This year the Winter White-tailed Eagle Feeding Ground Camera starts a little later than in previous years. The camera was installed on December 8, with the assistance of Tiit and Joosep, but we only managed to get the sound in working order in the new year, with the help of Beta Group . Another cause is the weather – the little forest lake on the feeding ground hasn’t frozen and setting out the food is complicated. Not even the ravens want to come to the raft built in the water, not to speak of the eagles – even though foxes or rabbits picked up from the road have been placed there.
Supported by the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK), this year we use a new camera that allows remote resetting by an authorised operator (moving it and zooming). The new camera has no built-in microphone and it took time to find and get an extra microphone suitable for field conditions. 
As usual a number of splendid people are involved in the enterprise. So for instance Kernel helped to get the transmission system working again after the summer standstill, helps with illustrating material and the general operation of the system for the next two seasons is supported by the ESTLAT program through the "Eagles cross borders" project of the Estonian Ornithological Society. Power provisions come from Tiit Randla, Mutikluti, member of the Looduskalender forum, checks that the operators are awake and alert - and so on.
The new camera images can be shared out from the EENet server without an intermediate encoding computer; however, the images from the camera this time cannot be viewed in the ordinary standard media players. This may need some new approaches in saving videos and images ...

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Joosep and Tiit installing the new camera         Photo: Urmas Sellis
Our partners in the enterprise:
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Supported by: ESTLAT programme and KIK
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