Alutaguse forest camera

Transmission courtesy of ElisaTelevõrgu AS and EENet
Translation: Liis


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Alutaguse is Estonia’s largest forest area, covering virtually all of its north-eastern part. For all who have an understanding of Estonian nature Alutaguse is surrounded by a special aura. The marshes here are so large that few have had the chance to peek into their heart. Here somewhere willow ptarmigans and Jack snipes nest; elsewhere in Estonia they almost cannot be found any longer. Here the great grey owl was discovered nesting last year; its latest confirmed nesting in Estonia was noted more than a hundred years ago in this same area. Here flying squirrels live. Nowhere else in Estonia are there as many bears as in Alutaguse and of course  Western capercaillies, black grouse, white-tailed eagles and golden eagles, elks, wolves, lynxes, otters ...  and what not more abound here, This is the Estonian taiga, but with a Central European touch – on the bog islets broad-leaved forests can be found.
Moving around in Alutaguse your senses are always open to extraordinary encounters. It may be a bear, or a flying squirrel, but it is an open chance that you meet with an even more unique experience, because in addition to the great grey owl other species with eastern or northern population areas stray here, such as wolverine, Siberian jay or rustic bunting. And perhaps some of the secrets of Alutaguse also come into the range of the new forest camera.
Rein Kuresoo,
The Alutaguse forest camera site has been prepared by  Natourest and 360 Kraadi. From the forest the signal goes by way of the  Interline aerials to the Elisa mobile tower 8 kilometers away, and from there into the fibre-optic cables of Televõrgud. The Televõrgud carry the original camera image to the EENet server, where decoding and distribution to the public takes place. The forest part of the system is powered by solar panels (
Helping to bring the Alutaguse forest camera images to your computer screen are:
The LK forum keeps its alert eyes on all that takes place
Bears are on the move in Alutaguse – see the article about a weekend in bear tracks. The first visitor was caught in camera view already on the first day: see video.




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