About black storks, with good reason

Web camera image: Bubo, LK forum
Video: Mutikluti
Translation: Liis
Black stork     Must-toonekurg     Ciconia nigra
The black stork males usually arrive at the turn of March-April. They arrive singly or in small groups from the wintering areas that range to the equator. This year too all snow has not melted yet in the forest and some waters are still ice-covered. Possible foraging grounds must be checked, a start must be made with tidying the nest – good nesting sites are not to be had for free.
The females arrive – if at all – a week or a few days more later. Estonia is at the northern limit of the range of black storks, and so for all male birds who have occupied nests there may not be a partner.
Let us see how things work out; with luck our female stork can soon be introduced.
Evening in stork nest




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