Osprey nest like love film nest

Text: Urmas Sellis
Translation: Liis
First female bird, ring on right leg, April 20th.
Who is with whom here?
I haven’t had the opportunity to study osprey courtship in detail, but the action at the Võrumaa nest seems not quite ordinary.
 Second "birdie", ring on left leg, April 24th.
During the six days that we have been able to peek at the doings in the nest through the webcam at least three different female birds have been there. We can state this from the rings on their legs – on right leg or left, or without. Reading the ring numbers through the webcam is quite difficult.
But photographing from a hide, Arne Ader managed on April 24th to get both birds on a photo and both codes were read. They are definitely not Estonian-ringed ospreys.
Today  (Wednesday) in the afternoon the male seemed to be alone; is he expecting a new ”candidate” for the star part in this real-life serial?
Male on left, with unringed fiancée. Sexes among ospreys are easily distinguished. The female weighs around 2 kilos, the male is about one-fourth lighter and so clearly smaller




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