Beautiful and beloved spring flower

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Wood anemone
Wood anemone    Võsaülane       Anemone nemorosa
Habitats fresh forests, coppices, wooded meadows; prefers shade and grows well on moderately damp soils.
Stem is bare or partly hairy, and the height 8-25 centimetres. On the ground usually one basal leaf with a long stalk is seen. The stem leaves are up to three, and come along when you pick the flower.
The white tepals of the flower are 6 to 8, surrounding the pistils and stamens. The flowers have a diameter of up to 4 centimetres and offer pollen to the bees.
If the flower picker has some crumpled tissue in the pockets it can be dipped in water and the stems of the picked wood anemones wrapped in the wet paper, then the flowers will not wither so quickly in the vase, and moreover hands will not be in contact with the anemone sap that can cause a rash, or even blisters on sensitive skins.
Wood anemone




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