Birder's diary - 3.05

Birder Margus Ots,
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Wood sandpiper
In the morning I again headed towards the west coast. I found the only new species of the day at Häädemeeste, where a European serin was quite loud-voiced in the village. My 2012 year list now has 209 bird species.
In Pärnumaa I turned briefly in at the  Audru polder; as before there were thousands of greater white-fronted geese and barnacle geese staying. Among waders there were hundreds of wood sandpipers  and ruffs, and some 1400 little gulls too had landed from migration.
I  had the choice once more of attempting again to go to Saaremaa or to stay on the mainland. Finally I headed for the ferry and in late evening I was already in West Saaremaa. All along the road I felt a mild anxiety that another „pelican“ would be found on the mainland and  make me go back once more. I simply did not feel like rallying from one end of Estonia and back again. The most interesting observation of the day came from the Väike väin dam where at least 85 pied avocats were busy in the shallow water; I haven’t seen them in such a great number earlier.




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