Warmer colours on the forest floor

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Yellow anemone
Yellow anemone    Kollane ülane     
Yellow anemones and wood anemones together create a pleasant spring mood. They are quite similar, but the yellow anemones can have pairs of flowers on the stems; such wood anemones are not found.
They grow together on humus-rich soils; there they can interbreed: so hybrid wood anemones are born – they have somewhat paler yellow flowers. They are not particularly common because the yellow wood anemones are pollinated somewhat later than the wood anemones.
A reminder to pickers: anemones are poisonous, if the plant juice gets on the skin blisters as well as sores that are not easily healed may develop. But there are several protection measures these days.
Puhtu forest




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