”Frog cabbage” flowers with feet in water

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Marsh marigold
Marsh marigold    Harilik varsakabi     Caltha palustris
It is difficult to find waters in Estonia without marsh marigolds at them – be it then lakes, rivers, creeks or ditches, moreover floodplains, marshy forests and wet meadows. And so flowering marsh marigolds visibly bring spring to wet areas.
The bright yellow flowers of the marsh marigold have a fivefold symmetry and one plant has many stems – up to eight. The plant has its name from the leaf shape, like the imprint of a little foal. The leaves grow larger during the whole flowering period.
Marsh marigold is slightly toxic, the whole plant contains anemonine that may cause blisters or even oedemas to pickers. Better be cautious.




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