An egg at last in Estonian osprey nest

Text: Urmas Sellis, ESTLAT Eagles project coordinator in Estonia
Translation: Liis

On May 7th, in the afternoon, the first egg appeared in our South Estonian osprey nest .

Laying the egg was not easy because osprey eggs are quite large compared to the bird itself. The egg-laying can be seen again here. Probably one or two eggs more will be laid, and the female will not leave the nest for long now. The male (ring on right leg) brings food to the nest, and while the female eats he is allowed to try sitting on the egg. Or so we suppose, but we will all know more certainly when we have the chance to follow what goes on in camera view.

The second Estonian osprey nest with a camera is likely to remain empty this year although the eagles had gathered nest material there before the camera stream went on line. And even if the eagles are not there, you can see and hear the changes in nature (at a 30-meters tree top level) .
In the Latvian osprey nest incubation has gone on for some time already. According to Latvian colleague Aigars Kalvansi this has been one of the earliest osprey pairs in Latvia already for years. The exact egg-laying dates are not known (connecting the camera to Internet took time) but hopefully we will catch the hatching by checking in on the camera every now and then, and the looduskalender forum is a great help in recording vital information.




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