Bat hour at Tartu Toomemägi

Photo: Viesturs Vintulis
Translation: Liis
Nathusius' pipistrelle   Pargi-nahkhiir     Pipistrellus nathusii
Already its Estonian name, pargi-nahkhiir, ”park bat” suggests that parks are to the liking of the Nathusius’ bats in summer. The migrants arrive in Estonia in May when there is enough insects for food – blood-sucking two-wings (Diptera) and butterflies. They fly skilfully between park trees and above ponds.
They are small bats: reddish-brown backs, belly brownish grey.
May 19th is Museum Night and a bat hour will be arranged on the Tartu Toomemägi. At 20.30 to 21.30 bats are introduced in the UT History Museum; after that, at sunset, we go on a bat trip to the Toomemägi and the banks of Emajõgi .
Bat researcher Lauri Lutsar will guide us.
The bat hour is arranged by the TÜ Natural History Museum.
The permanent exhibition of the TÜ Natural History Museum is closed due to repairs and renewal of the exhibition. The new permanent exhibition opens in summer 2013.

The information was forwarded by Kätlin Kukk




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