Herald of warm nights

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis

Nightingale; Eastern nightingale;  Thrush nightingale   Ööbik      Luscinia luscinia

As we eagerly wait for the warm nights in spring the song of the nightingale must be familiar to all.
Confusing this master of song with some imitator is impossible. Its relative the song thrush tries but at the clicks and lashes only the ordinary thrush ”creak” is produced.
The warmer the weather the more the singing of the nightingale shifts to night-times. Around Midsummer the singing ends altogether.
Location of Kati Kalda’s recording: Audru parish, Liu village, in Pärnumaa.
Listen to the clicks and lashes of the nightingale:
One night I walked near my home and heard the nightingale singing in a bush.
I decided to record its song. The bird was not to be seen but the song was incomparably beautiful.




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