Backyard Potterer’s diary - May. II.

Text and illustrations Tiit Kändler,
Translation: Liis
May 23rd
The Potterer walks only a small block away from the Brussels Euro-Quarter and wherever he goes there are parks. The city park is after all the city’s courtyard, isn’t it? The Brussels potterers know well that in parks should also be little corners that our park designers would term brushwoods. Wildish shrubberies beneath trees, patches where what will grow, grows. In gratitude to this courtyard wisdom birdsong echoes  even in the innermost city of Brussels. And there is more, in the Brussels parks it has been the custom for some years to grow in one little corner at least plants that our courtyard people usually call weeds. Nettles, thistles, dandelions, warty-cabbage [or, as its unofficial Estonian name Rakvere raibe would be translated literally: Rakvere carrion]. Interesting – what would the Rakvere carrion be in French or Flemish? Amsterdam abhorrence? Paris pest?
May 29th
Spring walks into the yard, be the weather chilly or on the warm side. But all yards are not equal. The Potterer reads in the science news that the archaeologists of Bristol University have made a significant discovery. Hereditary inequality began in the Stone Age 7000 years ago. Farmers who were buried with their tools were owners of better lands than those who were just buried, stripped of all. The researchers analyzed the strontium isotope composition of preserved bones and found that the men with whom tree-working axes had been buried contained fewer different isotopes, which means that they had been living on fertile loess soil. Hmmm. What conclusions to draw from this piece of news? The Potterer ponders on whether he has any tree-working axe. Yes, he has, and from several eras even – the Russian axe and the Fiskars axe. Now he must buy a stone axe too. Interesting: when will the tool shops have a special price campaign for stone axes? Must be checked on the clay tablets.

Science cabaret: language and voice of science
NB! Science cabaret venue changed!
Thursday, May 31st at 19.00, Teatri Puhvet, Tallinn, Teatri väljak 3.
The Science cabaret will not be on the ordinary premises but instead in the Tartu University rooms on the second floor, entrance about 30 m to the right of the Theatre Buffet door; guiding signs on both doors. Drinks and food available as before.
The last Science cabaret of the season explores how to make science more eloquent and vocal. Leaning on own experiences, science popularisers talk about this. Priit Ennet  about science in the ether, Arko Olesk and Tiit Kändler about science on paper, Martin Vällik about science in pseudo-languages. Poetry and music Sparkling Cat. Actor, director, musician Tõnu Tepandi presents his theories and practice for the human voice: „In the beginning was the voice”.




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