Buzzards’ nesting failed

Web camera image: Ame, LK forum
Translation: Liis
So what happened? After forty days of incubation in the white-tailed eagle nest the buzzard pair yesterday abandoned the nest for good. Probably the egg was not fertilized because one of the birds was not yet mature or too young, but it is of course only conjecture. Usually these birds have two-three eggs in the clutch, seldom four. Well, least said soonest mended and let us hope that next year all will work out nicely.
Today the abandoned egg in the nest was already inspected by the jays and passerines; after all, no buzzards are heard in the neighbourhood.
Renno and Urmas now know where white-tailed eagle pair Sulev and Linda’s new nest is; there are two eaglets but they will write more about it themselves – maybe next week.




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