Ospreys busy with chicks

Web camera image: Jopie, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Hatching started in the nest of osprey pair Piret and Madis the day before yesterday, late in the evening. It seems as if in the windy-stormy weather today further plans have been made. Osprey females are larger than the males: Piret to the right (weight up to a couple of kilos), and Madis to the left (weight about one kilo and a half).  The whole family are fish-eaters; fishing is done at up to a metre’s depth and the size of "comfortable“ fish catches is around two hundred to three hundred grams. Larger catches are difficult to transport over longer distances (fishing is done up to some 25 kilometres away from the nest if needs be), catching smaller is not purposeful – life forces to rationality. In poor fish years they catch frogs and mice. Fish ponds are left alone if the fish there weigh four hundred grams.
In Estonia up to sixty osprey pairs are estimated to live.
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